Tuesday, June 1, 2010

to: You

I know you will not read this letter. you dont know how to read, and you dont understand this language.
but still, i need to write it.
I know it will not reach you, i don't have your adress to send it
but still, i need to write it.
you don't know how to read anyway.

whatever you think of me:less, bad, old, ugly, poor- it doesn't mean that i am no longer human.
no matters how low you see me, you have no right to hurt me.

throughout the time I have known you, you were harsh on me for no obvious reason.
I spent hours trying to find an excuse for your behaviour.
my heart always came to your rescue, when my mind would shut you out.
you never noticed they existed.

a lie after the other was forgiven. you never saw that sad look in my eyes.
a stab after the other was hidden. you never saw me bleeding.
harsh move after the other was tolerated. you never noticed i am human and have feelings.
cruelness with me, gentleness with others. a bitterness in my throat you know nothing about.
few moments of feeling safe and happy followed by an unexpected stab in my back-to keep me bleeding for years.
few said words, sending me to the 7th sky are usually an intro to a long lasting wound.



  1. I don't know why he did this, why anyone does these things. People can be cruel whether they mean to or not. I can't say forget it, because I know how much this hurts you. But please spend your time on those family and friends who love you Hebba. Including me. :)

  2. Don't waste your time asking "why". Turn the page and start a new one.
    Think of Joy. Happiness. Health. No Pain. Two lovely Sisters. A Kind Mother. Good Friends. Lovely Music. Time To Read. Good Food.

    :) xx

  3. @ Barry: me neither, dont understand why someone chooses to be cruel or hurt someone else.
    i am not wasting time on it anymore. it was kind of a scream that needed to get out, for me to take it off my chest.
    and all my time now is for those who i love and who love me back.
    including you, my dear friend across the globe :)))))))

  4. @ rawani:I just did, dear.
    cleaned the wound for it to heal in a healthy way.
    hope was the subject of my following post, i am enjoying lovely music shared by my friends over FB, feeling happy-elhamdollah- and trying to keep my health under control :)
    thx for being there.