Friday, June 25, 2010


Kareem is up to something. i can see it in his eyes.
they dont shine and smile this way, unless he is up to something.
when he left about 2 hours ago, he was in hurry and wouldnt say where he is going. it's friday. he rarely goes out alone on a friday. it's our day.

just finished lunch, changed and looking out: here he drives in.
i go meet him, like i used to do when he comes home.

"close your eyes and ears"
"eyes, ok. but ears? why?"
"just do it"
i did. closed my eyes and plugged my fingers into my ears.
after about 2 minutes i feel him coming closer to me, kissing my cheek and taking away my fingers from my ears. i automatically open my eyes.

its music. unfamiliar to me. then Kazem starts singing.
hey, this is the new album?
"yes, love"
" didnt know it is released. thought it would be after 2 weeks."
"this is a special edition for you,sweetheart."
he held me, kissing my cheek " it is good to have connections, you know. i know the producer. he promised it a while ago.this morning he called and said i could pick it up. so here you go. enjoy, love"

I held him back, very tight.
"it is good to have a loving connections needed here"


  1. Mashi ya setti :D

    Close your eyes
    Give me your hand
    Darling... :D
    Do you feel my heart beating?
    Do you understand?
    Do you feel the same?


    **I really did enjoy your meeting today hun. Thank you for your sweet company and mile merci for Mama's chocolate**


  2. i feel every heartbeat :)
    wallahi e7na maskhara :)))))

    me too, enjoyed the time together and the crazy atmosphere at the festival :)
    dont thank me for aunt's chocolate, it is a very special feeling when you are able to cheer up a sad person and see him smile again.
    it gives me a very special pleasure ya rouni. i am glad both of you liked it.
    alf hana we shefa :)