Monday, June 7, 2010

The Art of Living

when i read this story in Friday's weekly newspaper "Al Ahram" i had mixed feelings: happy for them, enjoying what i read, wondering if there is still someone like that & this is not a fairy tale and wishing to experience the same happiness, by getting to learn "the art of living".

it is a young woman telling her life story, as she got married through the traditional way to someone, which appeared suitable for her.
there is no love story behind their marriage-as she said- giving no expectations of any extra happiness. it would be just a normal life, with all its daily routines as many people around.

Yet, as she started her life with her husband, he surprised her with his gentleness, tenderness and his life-loving-spirit, and his enjoying of small, simple things- which life offers all of us- and made her see everything in a different, joyful light.
He surprised her with small things she used to love, but never told him about. he was asking her friends and family about what she likes, and held the info until he could surprise her with them :)

As she was pregnant with their first child, he used to lock himself up to do something secretly, which she didn't understand at the beginning. it was just unlike him.
he never worked at home- home is for family and fun and life only.
yet during these days he seemed to be busy with something. she kept on checking on him until she found out:
he is reading a book which explains what a woman goes through during pregnancy, so that he understands and support her in a better way!!!!!

additionally, he has a great sense of humor, which he uses to simplify life's complications and make them bearable. often- she says- middle in a discussion i find myself laughing about his jokes and forget the problem we were discussing.
his simple and comfortable soul made their life easier than it could be with all difficult situations they faced, and made her feel safe and secure.

when they were facing financial troubles, he never made a great deal of it, but tried to easy things for them, and made her and their son enjoy their moments with the simplest things. when they can't afford a day out, he made his son some funny looking sandwiches to cheer him up.
at the times they could afford an outing, their son preferred to stay home and enjoy dad's nicely-looking sandwiches :).
their son inherited the sense of loving life and is as easy going as his father.

She said that as they got engaged he was just a suitable candidate, who could make her happy. but as days passed and she got to know him, all she could think of everyday is how to make this man happy, how to give him back part of his love and care. and not only him, but she got "infected" with his life-loving soul and continuously trying to make others happy, with whatever simple things she has in her hand. he has taught her how to enjoy life with simple things, and add joy to every day's tasks. he taught her the art of living.
What really touched me in this story are mainly 2 things:
- the husband's love and care for his wife, cherishing her, wanting to make her happy- even if he doesnt have a fortune. he just gave what he have: love and care- shown in simple actions.
- the wife's appreciation of her husband care and love, not taking it for granted, enjoying his simple loving gestures and supporting him by adopting his way in enjoying simple life.
how many times have we wasted diamonds, just because we were too busy collecting stones.
this is what the lesson this couple is giving us :)))))
The editor's comment was touching as well. wishing them a long life full of happiness and love, encouraging her to keep on the positive thinking and life-loving spirit- as well as admitting that her husband must be a very special and rare person.

May Allah bless her small family with love, happiness and the 'Art of living'.


  1. Wooow!
    A boooootiful story; really :D
    I liked it awi awi. and I liked the way you put it. and I liked your mixed feelings and the lesson as well.
    It's a blessing to have such an considerate husband begad.

    May Allah bless the sweet small family. and shower you with sooo many beautiful blessings that make you happy. and gift you the one who loves and cherishes you coz you really deserve it.


  2. yes ya rouni. as the editor said, she must be a good person too, to be blessed with such a good man.
    rabena yes3edhom :)
    and what i mostly liked is that they learned to enjoy simple things in life.
    الرضا لمن يرضى