Monday, June 14, 2010


Dreaming of a better tomorrow, when I feel trapped in my today.
Dreaming of love, when I miss it in my life.
Dreaming of kindness, when others are cruel and mean to me.
Dreaming of sun's warmth and shine, when I am buried in cold and ugly surroundings.
Dreaming of laughter, when my tears silently roll down my cheeks every night.
Dreaming of happiness, when i can't remember last time i felt content.
Dreaming of flowers, while going through my deserted path in life.
Dreaming of life, when people around me see me as a dead person.
Dreaming of honesty, when my ears are showered with lies.
Dreaming of hope, when i feel just "hopeless"
Dreaming of success, when someone tells me how a mess I am.
Dreaming of a life as a human being, when someone treats me as a rock.

I will never stop dreaming.

It is the only weapon that none can take away from me
It is the only way for not to be beaten.
My dreams keep me alive.Those who don't dream, are the dead ones :)

I dream of the day, when...... (by Abdel Halim Hafez)

I dream, and dream and dream
hopefully my dreams would come true
hopefully they will become true in every single minute
I dream of the day when everyone would talk only in a kind way
I dream of the day when none gets ever hurt
I dream of the day when everyone's life path is only filled by everlasting happiness
I dream of the day when future brings only happiness and joy to all humans
I dream of the day when I see it with my own eyes how life pays back those who were badly hurt
I dream of the day when I see lost, lonly hearts have finally found their happiness
I dream of the day when I see everyone found a home for his heart.
I dream of the day when I see those whose hopes were shattered, finally find back their smiles
I dream of the day when I see this whole world is enlightend by happiness shine
I dream of the day when I see an everlasting, shining fullmoon.


  1. Sooo beautiful :)

    I'll tell you one thing. The longer you wait, the harder it becomes.
    You must be patient, because sometimes with the right prayers, miracles do happen...

    Love :D

  2. i am usually a patient person ya rouni. maybe its bc its the only thing i have.
    and no matters how long it takes, somehow i adjust my dreams to what i have in hand.
    dont ask how i do it. i dont know it myself :)
    halim's song is lovely. glad u liked the post

  3. Yes, it's lovely. He caress us with his words. with his sweetness.
    .. I'd like to be able to do that for someone some day.

  4. u can always do it, whith whoever crosses ur way.
    never underestimate the power of a kind word. often it is life saving.
    halim was talented in his voice, but i believe that everyone of us has the talent of being a good person- if we choose and when we choose.
    and you are talented in writings so offer that to those who need it :)

  5. I am talented in my voice as well. and I have my own crazy taste ;P