Thursday, June 3, 2010

cakes for breakfast

I stood up earlier than usual, having some fun in mind: I would bake a cake for breakfast.
"Love, would you share the morning fun, or you'd rather sleep for 30 more minutes?"
he opened one eye asking what i have in mind  "baking cakes for breakfast"
"it's only me who is helping out?" i nicked. he jumped off bed, kissed my cheek and while going to bathroom he said "give me 10 minutes, and i will join you".
Good. fun is about to start :)

"what are we baking?"
"chocolate, Cinnamon and orange cakes"
"i love you for that" he said, kissing my cheek again.
"get to work ya doctor" i smilingly pushed him away from me towards the table, handing him the mixer.

I hear him behind my back mixing the eggs, sugar and butter, while was putting flour with cocoa, flour with Cinnamon and flour with orange skin pieces and juice- each in a different pot to mix later on with the fluid Kareem is preparing.
I was testing the texture of cocoa and flour, when he put his arms around my waist talking to me from behind "finished madame. what shall i do next?"
i turned around to tell him to get the pot over here, when i realized that he had tasted it. he had a fine yellow line just above his upper lip. I touched it, forgetting that i already had flour and cocoa at my fingers.
that was funny, they all mixed at his upper lip and I was already laughing and telling him he has a chocolate cake ingredients at his upper lip.
"oh, this is unfair. I don't possibly want to keep it all." with a simple move, he took some of the mixture from his lip and put a point at my nose top.
"Heey, don't do that" i tried to pull my face far from him, when he was already hugging me and laughing out loud.
"stop laughing. you have some yourself. I am no wonder" 
he stopped laughing and smilingly kissed it off my nose.

I was mixing the ingredients, when Kareem was standing right behind me, reaching out for the pots, dipping his finger in each one and tasting it.
"don't do that. this is unhealthy. eggs are raw in there"
no answer, of course. Adham inherited this from him. whenever he catches me in kitchen, he must taste anything i do, no matters what it is.
"that tastes good. but here you should put in more Cinnamon, this is not as strong as usual. check it keda."
he pushed his finger with a lump of raw cake in my mouth to taste it. true. it needs some more Cinnamon powder, I say."see, if it wasn't for my tasting it, you would have never realized" he teased me.

cakes are in oven to bake, I am making the dishes, while Kareem dries them.he enjoys such simple doings, as if it takes aways the load of mental work he usually does at office. I enjoy having him around. I love spending time with him, doing anything. dishes, reading, talking, nonsense, just anything. and I miss him when he is at office.

Adham and Mariam came running into the kitchen, hugging and kissing us good morning.
Adham climbed at his back as usual, while Mariam hang at his neck. he sat on the kitchen floor talking and laughing with them. when i came to his rescue, he pulled me down to them, holding us all into a family hug.
"cakes are ready. we can move to the dining room" I urged the 3 of them to stand up.
6 pairs of eyes looked up at me, of them 2 daring eyes smiling at me, he said with the same childish smile as Adham "Can't we eat here? just as we sit there? Please?"
I can't resist his smile, his young spirit nor his loving eyes when they look at me like that.
"of course, love. why not. who cares about dishes."
we sat on the kitchen flour, me with a small knife cutting the cakes, giving each one of them slice of his favourite. they were neat enough to held a small tissue in their hand to keep parts from falling on the floor.

"Thank you, sweetheart" i received a kiss from my husband. "for the fun, time we spent alone, the unusual breakfast on the kitchen floor. and for your Love".
" you are more than welcome ya doctor. have i told you lately that i adore you?"
"no. you have 3 minutes to tell me and to kiss me goodbye before i run to office".
"I adore you. " I hold him very tight and kissed him :)


  1. Such a sweet story Hebba. I like it. :)

  2. I am glad u do. Do u like baking cakes?

  3. Wooow!


    Mariam(pointing at Karim's lips):"hena fe sugar"

    Kariam(red face):"sugar for you hun"

    Mariam:"I miss you when you are at office. Can I call for checking on you?"

    Karim:"mmm...if you will take 7 second, OK.

    Mariam: :(

    Karim: I'm kidding hun :) I missed you already xx

    Mariam: :)xx

  4. Rouni, one thing for sure: he was never cruel, nor too busy to answer her calls. he picked up and told her that he is busy. but never hurt her feelings. she is precious to him, you know this feeling?