Friday, June 4, 2010

1st game at my Blog :))))))

This is my first time to play blog's games and i am excited about it. it looks like fun and it is something new to me, so why not try it and enjoy even if i am revieling things about me :)

here it goes

1. Name who asked you to play this game.


2. Mention six secrets nobody can uncover about you when meeting you for the first time.

1. I get easily hurt, but I never show it in public- especially to the one who hurt me. it's a kind of protecting myself and NOT giving him/her the satisfaction of having hurt me.

2. I love having fun and laughing. but when i meet people for the first time, i try not to show that, for sometimes people think i am haifah and judge me for i play the "3a2lah" rule until they find out themselves.

3. I am usually an easygoing person with almost everyone, yet i tend to be very hard on those who interfere in my personal life and won't take a polite answer.

4. I am a shy person by nature, but most of the times i give the impression that i am very self confident and careless person- for not to get attacked.

5. I love chocolate :)))))

6. I love Nizar Qabbany, but usually dont mention in public, because of his "unusual" language.
but i adore his straight-forward, honest and open way. and hate liars, no matters how good they appear.

7. I love slow dancing. never practiced, but hoping i'd get the chance to practice :)))))

Now i should tagg 6 people in this game. As i dont have six people aslan, I will re-tag some of you again. i know they will hate me:

- Rawanie :)
- Neisy
- Cindy
- Barry (hope he has time for it next weekend)
- Ibraheem
- Marwa

Hope you'd have time to play this game with us. enjoy some fun away from the stressful life we all lead :)


  1. Yaaay... beba is playing along in a blog game. way to go girl ;)

    i love the fun lady in you. and i too wish to practice slow dancing.

  2. yediky toulet el 3omr. i dont know where or when to practice. bas mesh moshkela
    and u know what? i was just dancing on a song of elvis i just posted over facebook :)
    and it felt great. just like i used to at school :))))

  3. Hebba, give me a little time and I'll play. <3

  4. 3oyoun Rawanie :)

    About # 7: You won't be able to practice until you find the right partner - Dancing is like love. When you find the right partner it's easy! (and vice versa)


    The best said here: "i adore his straight-forward, honest and open way. and hate liars, no matters how good they appear."- I Totally Agree!

  5. Barry, take all time you need. I am curious of what you will say. maybe because we might never meet and i might never find out myself :)))

  6. Rouni, it's just a dance :)
    and this wish has been there since i was at high school :)

  7. Hebba, I've posted a poem that I want to keep up on my blog for a couple days, so I'll put my answers here. I hope that's okay. :)

    1) If I could go anywhere in the world, I've always wanted to go to Australia. Maybe even to live there.

    2) I have a huge sweet tooth, I love chocolate as well!

    3) I'm not always comfortable in a crowd of people I don't know (like at a party). Most people wouldn't know that because I tend to be very outgoing.

    4) I can be a little unsure sometimes. Again, most people wouldn't see that because I'm usually very confident, even cocky.

    5) I'm a very sexual person. Most bloggers I know don't see this side of me because I don't show it often on my blog (although I'm starting to more). It's more obvious to the women I know because I'm naturally very flirtatious.

    6) I've never ever had a desire to have children, but I still feel that fatherly instinct when I'm around pregnant women. I get fiercely protective of them whether I know them or not.

    I hope you like these answers. And if we ever meet, I promise we'll have a slow dance. :)

  8. Barry, its ok of course to post it here :)
    2- i will send you chocolates from across the globe. give me the address. i am known to pamper my friends with chocolates :)))
    5- hm, didnt get to see this side.
    6- children are a pleasure and deadly freaking responsibility at same time. i always wished to have 12+ :))))

    thx for the dance offer.that's a pleasure