Sunday, June 6, 2010

A very special occasion :)

Kareem won't be home for dinner, it's just me and the kids. he is working late again.

I decided to ware the blue dress Kareem insisted to get me few weeks ago. I liked it very much, but knew i couldn't possibly wear it with this deep cut at the back and front.but he insisted on getting it. :)

I hear him driving in, so I hurried to the door and opened it just as he was about to put the key in.
"hey, you look lovely. i thought you forgot the dress."
" was just waiting for a special occasion to wear it, love. welcome home." i hold him tight just like i do every day.

I prepared some light sandwiches for him, knowing he will not eat warm food that late at night. cheese & salami mini sandwiches and frozen yogurt with fruits for dessert.

While eating, he seemed to be preoccupied. then he looked at me and said:
"Mariam, I am sorry. i don't remember what is the occasion we are celebrating tonight. its not our anniversary, nor any one's birthday. I am sorry, just things at office have been very hard lately. hm, would you tell me what we are celebrating tonight?"

" a very special occasion to me: you're coming home after almost 18 hours of continuous work. I just missed you at home."

a very long tight hug, saying all what we wished to say.
How much I love and cherish him, how much he appreciates and loves me.

A very special occasion :)


  1. Mariam: I would tell you what the special occasion is. but I can't because it changes everytime I'm with you. I hate missig you hun. but I love having you to miss!


    Karim: Oh, the way you look at me makes me happy. the way you talk makes me smile. the way you touch me makes me feel amazing...



  2. u made me laugh.
    kareem is with "ee" not with "i" he gots really angry when someone writes his name in the wrong way. just like i do :)))
    and its all about love. he loves her. and she loves giving him her soul

  3. ma3lesh ba2a ya Bossboss, en Français ça s'ercrit "Karim" :D
    Next time, will pay attention and write it this way "Kareem".