Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I love… (Tagged)

Another game and i’m tagged in. yessssssssssss two tags in one month :))).
That’s a fun i started to love.
Here Ze2red tagged me to list down ten things I love and then tag another 10 people. So here we go:

I love …

1. My teacher, Bernhard Schmidt.i can't get enough of talking wiht him, teasing him, disussing God and the world with him, singing old songs, listening to his adventures and music, to his old stories.
I am grateful to have him.

2. Sea, beach, waves (moderate height tab3an), the smell of it, the tender touch of sand, the playful way waves caress my feet when i walk.

3. Chocolate. I can't have enough of its bitter-sweet taste, melting in my mouth very slowly.

4. Having/making friends.i am a people person. i miss having my friends around me, talking to them, communicating with them, seeing them if possible. my friends are very dear to me, i choose them very carefully. and those who i call "friends" stand in the closest circle to me, and really know me very well.

5. Music. i love different singers, kinds of music, enjoy it in different languages. if someone checks the list of songs i have on my mobile to listen to whereever i am, none will be able to define my taste. simply, because i love any song which captures my heart. could be because of the singer, lyrics, music, anything.

6. reading. i love to read. love to gain knowledge in general, hate to read in politics but try to be updated. but novels and poems capture my heart. they are my real passion in reading. with any of the languages i understand. they just take me away from my present and transform me into the world where they tell. i am part of this world and remain there until i am trough with reading the book/poem.
reading activates my imagination. it gives me the chance to draw the scenes in my mind, watch it happen, imagine how ppl look like, how places are, etc. Magic!

7. movies. I love movies, old or new, with any language i can understand. i watch movies as if they are real, react to each scene, cry/smile according to happenings, enjoy happy ends, hate it when the hero dies, hate horor and action movies. they increase my heartbeat until it really hurts.

8. photographing. i love takeing photos of my family, friends, scenes, surroundings, anything that captures my eye and i develop a liking for it. it could be a simple scene on the street, but i just love it. that's why my first criteria in choosing my mobile set was the camera resolution. mobiles with good cameras are more handy than moving around wiht a camera in my pocket.

9. Kids. i love kids.just adore being around them.touching them, dealing wiht them, talking if possible, hugging if the child is family or friend, playing iwht them, and often often just spoiling them. spoiling in the sense of teasing them wiht some funny gestures, but i dont spoil them with bad behaviour. i love telling them stories, singing with them, feeding them. just being around. they purify my world.

10. dogs (big german shephered). "wish to have a dog" is my phone name, my nick name over msn, often my status over FB. dogs are loyal, funny, warm and tender creatures. they develop a deep love and acceptance of their friends. they make me feel loved, cared for, protected, warm and accepted. i love to hug a dog. i feel that when it rubs its face at my shoulder it hugs me back-giving a warmth i can not compare to anything else.

time to tag 10 friens. i dont have 10 friends, guess most of them Zou has already tagged.

- Rawanie
- Neisy
- Ibhog
- Barry ( i know he is extremely busy :(


  1. yaaaayyy... beba is playing ;)

    nice points up there, and i share you some of them. how i wish to be a professional photographer one day.

  2. Bossboss .. Missed You Ba2a!

    Loved it :)


  3. just got back girls.
    rouni, i missed u too :)

  4. zou, it is a pleasure. thank you for putting me in.
    i love having fun :)

  5. welcome back beba, you've been missed ;)