Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Long term planning

"Long term planning" was a lifestyle i learned and adopted at a very young age, for not to let my life just pass, and I was convinced that this is the correct thing to do.who could possibly control your life better than you, who should direct it to the path you want to go through.
For years i planned my steps, often i succeeded in keeping my plans, sometimes things got out of my hand for some reason.

when some of my plans just shattered, and for no reason i lost my battle, I began to think about it and view things in a different light.
at the end i realized, that it is not ONLY my planning and my mind are in control of my life. not even my emotions and wishes.
There is someone, who is controlling my life,plans and steps, whose hand is even more powerful than mine, and who knows just better than me.
it is Allah, who guides me through life. not my planning, mind, experience, learning.
it is only him.
and to him i handover my plans, and accept what he gives me.
This doesn't mean that I am giving up on my plans, hopes and wishes.
I will keep on trying to make them come true,
i will go on working on making them come true,
and doing my best effort.
But if they don't come true, then I am thinking that it is just not meant to be.
And move on to next dream :))))))

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  1. O ne3ma b Allah. Beautiful and so true. Allah's Hand is always guiding us. He knows and we know not. 2eradet Rabena fo2 ay she2 - 2 words, "Kon fayakoun"

  2. so true.
    i believe in it very much

  3. the question is, when do you draw the line and say enough trying? when do u start telling yourself, quit this dream it's not meant to be?

  4. at a certain point you get the feeling that it is hopeless case.
    this feeling can come after trying couple of times
    or it can be a certain sign
    or you simply find EVERYTHING goes wrong
    or you feel tired of trying
    I have learned to try once, wait for results. try second time and wait for a sign to go or stop.

    but endless trying is just wasting of effort and time.
    this is what i have learned from the past year of my life :)
    it has been exactely one year this month :))))