Monday, May 31, 2010

A lovely morning

I was sleeping tight, when i felt a slight push against me, and the little figure was lying just at the edge of the bed- about to fall down.
i moved to the inner side of the bed, and hold him.
"what's worng Adham?"
"momy, i can't sleep"
"but you were already asleep long time ago, sweetheart"
"now i can't. can i sleep here?"
"yes, love"
i held him tight, hoping he would get back to sleep.
in few seconds he fell asleep, resting his head on my shoulder and his little arm across my stomach.
i couldn't help it: i gave him a long kiss on his forehead. it feels so warm to hold him so close. it's been long time since he slept in my arms.

i was careful not to make big moves or noise, for not to wake Kareem up. he has a long day at office tomorrow. all his days are long at office.
so i moved very slowly towards the bed center, just to give our son some space to sleep. otherwise if he turns arround he would just fall from the bed.

A warm, tender arm pulled me to the inner side of the bed. Kareems arm pulled us together towards him. he woke up, afterall.
"sorry, love" i whispered.
he didn't reply. just pulled us closer, put his arm across me and reaching to Adham- pulling both of us into a big, tight hug.
it feels so good. warm, tender and secure. God, how much i love him :)
in seconds i was asleep myself.

I woke up as Kareem was about to stand up.
"Lovely morning sweetheart" he kissed my forehead and stood up.

This IS a lovely morning.
what could i possibly want more than his love as a morning gift?


  1. I'm curious why is the series called Mariam. Ana la2eet adham w kareem :)

    w 3andak wa7ed sereer moree7 zay keda le ze2red :)

  2. You want love, attention and 'kindness'.

    - Kindness is words creates confidence.
    - Kindness in thinking creates profoudness.
    - Kindness in giving creates love.

    Kollo ma3 ba3do in the circle!

    Lovely morning with a small sweet family :)

    So, is Mariam Adham's sister ;P?

  3. I think she is Mariam, or yes the sister xD
    I like it
    Kept it up baby :*

  4. So sweet...what a nice way to start off the day :)

  5. ya banat: mariam is the mother, who tells the story.
    Her husband, Kareem, insisted on calling ther daughter after her, because he loves her soo much :))
    they have a 7 years old son, Adham and a 4 years old daughter Mariam :)
    try not to hate me for what is written here :)

  6. mille feuille: thank you for visiting, hope you like it here and join the club. we are only ladies here.
    i am glad you liked the day start.

  7. Neisy, thank you for checking and thx for ur feedback.
    take care of urself dear.

  8. Hebba: ibhog law 3erf you said ONLY ladies hay3mel feky eh? :p

  9. then he should show up here :)
    maho he doesnt visit ya zou.
    ya3ni a3mel eih?
    besides, if u check the comments, its ladies' only.
    i dont mind 3ala fekra. only i miss him. but i dont oush tab3an

  10. This brings a tear to my eye, because I know why you wrote it. So beautiful Hebba.

    And yes, you have big hugs from me tonight, and always.


  11. Barry, i know you understand me, and am grateful for this understanding. really.
    and htank you for encouraging me to write, it feels so good.
    and thank you for the hugs too :)))))

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