Wednesday, May 26, 2010

New start.....

this is my first post since i lost access to my email.
i started creating everything from scartch, which is fine. I am experienced in this. :))))
just created a new facebook account, sent notifications via SMS to my friends, and changed passwords to all accounts i remember having.
other things are just ....gone.
I am not sure for how long i will keep my access to this blog, as the hacker keeps tracing all my moves.
but if i loose it, then i will create a new one, with the same name, objective, spirit and hope.
at the end, i am still there- what is lost is just a part of me.
i dont know from where i get this calmness i am writing with now. maybe i am tired of aching for what i lost, maybe its build in me- the hope- i don't know.
whenever i loose access here, I will comment on any of the old posts with the link to my new blog.
until then, let's hope for the best. :)


  1. this post made me smile widely :)

  2. I am happy it did.
    but still, it drives me crazy that someone access my blog.
    and yet it is funny. imagine what he can post?
    ya3ni u can wake up tomorrow to find here any post containing anything with my name on it.
    dont you find this crazy?

  3. What is lost is lost ya Bossboss, fadaki!

    Let's not allow ourselves to be upset by small things we should despise and forget.

    Life is to short.


    Just for today, be happy :)xx

  4. congrats for the new start ;)

    3o2bal mate2lby el donia kolha 3ala gmail :p

    PS: extensive prayers are needed for the coming few days, PLEASEEEEEE.

  5. zou, rabena ma3aky ya 7abibty. if i can hel in anything, just mention :)