Tuesday, May 18, 2010

a day in my life....

"Muuuummmmmyyyyy" shouts Adham as soon as enters the house. I heard the bus stopping at the house entrance and watched as 3am hussein opened the gate and let the kids in.
"welcome home ya 7abibi. I am in the kitchen" don't want them to come in here, so I hurried to the hall, before they make it to the kitchen.

Adham, 7, dragging his school bag behind him as he walks, while Mariam 4,-Kareem insisted on calling our daughter after me- just dropped her lunch box on the floor.
as soon as i appeared in the hall, they ran to hold me. I opened my arms and held both of them at one big tight hug, giving each of them a kiss- and receiving theirs as well. Mariam didn't wash her mouth after eating her chocolate. she smells after it. not that I mind. she inherited being a chocoholic from me :).

"All right, up to your room. get your bags and move."
they did as told with very slowly moves, maybe I would just let them have lunch without taking a bath????
Their nanny would give them their bath and they will come down as soon as they finish. their lunch is ready anyway. i got back to the kitchen. missing is only the salad. I won't add the dressing to it now.

Kareem left office 20 minutes ago. everything is in oven heating up, salad is finished, table is ready. missing is only the house mister.
here he is. I hear him driving in, and hurried again to the door.
since his first working day after our honeymoon I made it a habit to welcome Kareem home with a hug. no matters who is there, what i am doing, this is my first priority. when he joked about it, i teased him back " i want you to throw all stress, pain and tiredness at my shoulder as soon as you get home". I dont hug him, I literally take him into my arms and let him rest his head on my shoulder for a minute. longer if needed, as long as he needs. I see -from his smile - how much he is relieved afterwards.

"I am starvingggggggg"
"Dinner is ready, sir. waiting for you"
"just a shower and i am eating all what you cooked"

10 minutes later he appears at the dinning room, grabs a piece of Sambousak with his fingers, ate it and licked his fingers!!!!!!
I said nothing, for not to drag the attention of 2 pairs of eyes going big and round, watching what daddy does.
Adham started his daily reports about school, Mariam plappered some things too, while Kareem listend half-heartedly. he looks so tired and hungry. most probably he forgot to eat his apples and left them at the office' fridge.

Mummy, could I have a fruits yoghurt instead of the plain one?
sure, sweetheart.
Mummy, could I have jam added to mine? Mariam inherited this part from me too. I can't object.
7ader 7abibty.
I am back with the yoghurts, they took it and ran off to their father's office. knocking of course, but not waiting for his permission :)).. this is HIS part in them. he cant complain about that.
I hear the three of them chattering at same time. how do they understand each other????
as long as they laugh, its fine with me anyway.

"bed time" they all went silent. Kareem looked up at me with this look in his eyes cant-they-stay-longer?
you have 15 minutes to give daddy his good-night kiss and come up."
they all hate me. well, i hate myself too. i love having them arround, with all noise and demands. but, we just have to.....

story finished, both are tucked into their beds, time for mummy's hug and kiss. how much i love this moment. when i hold them close to my heart. when i feel their heart beat and warmth. when i see their smiling sleepy eyes, fighting for not to close and drop in a deep sleep.
Adham and Mariam have inherited this life-loving spirit from Kareem. I smile to myself. wasn't this spirit the first thing that attracted me to him?

I went downstaris to check after Kareem. sitting on the living room couch, i found him starring at the TV. aaaahhhh, another action movie. ok, then i will read in my book. only, i hoped for his company.
bas ma3lesh, he needs some relaxation afterall.
how can anyone relax watching an action movie? wenty malek ya ghelsah :))))

as he noticed me approaching, he pulled me to the sofa " see this". i looked at the screen. eih dah, its not action. its "you've got mail".
i gave him a what-is-wrong-with-you look.
he pulled me closer to him saying " i want to spend some quality time with you. so i decided to pick up a temptation you will never reject"
we watched the movie, curled up on the couch- not saying much. Kareem held me tight the whole time. i didnt move out of his arms. not for a second. too comfortable to move.

"thank you"
"for what 7abibty?"
"for your love, the hug, the movie and the quality time"
"you know what, all pleasure is mine. It is a pleasure loving you"

ya rab, el7amdullah 3ala ne3metak :)


  1. and you keep telling us all the time 7aram 3aleko. Allah yesam7ek ya hebba!

  2. Cindy, thank you for stopping by. I am glad you like it. and it is
    take the time to read here, and please let me know what you think of this blog. i really care about ur comments.

  3. zou, i am sorry. i know how hard it is, but it was harder to keep it inside.
    i just wanted to draw a picture of happy life-even if it wont exist.
    enjoy the love and passion in it, and forget about our lives :)))

  4. and the picture did the trick ;)

  5. the picture made my heart ache more and more