Friday, May 14, 2010


Lately i have been feeling trapped, living in Egypt and was taking serious steps towards moving out.
What i am in now is more than trapped, i feel prisoned.
literally prisoned.
I am not allowed to travel and live on my own, because of religious rules- which i obey of course.

it is not Egypt anymore, from which i want to run away.
after some thinking, i could identify what i am feeling: i feel prisoned.
Literally prisoned
prisoned in a society, which rejects me
prisoned between people, who i can not communicate with
prisoned in a role, which i can not fulfill
prisoned in a thinking way, which i have to follow- or i am considered as insane.
prisoned in a feeling way, which i have to follow- or i am considered as weired and usually blamed for it.
prisoned in a life style, which i hate
prisoned in a crowded city
prisoned in a gender, which has no value after certain age.
prisoned in a weakness, which everybody abuses to kill me
prisoned in a materialistic figure called "Hebba", to which i can not relate.

Ya Allah, I can not go on like this. I need your help and guidance. I cant find my path anymore, I cant take cruelity of people any longer, I cant live in this world without your help.
I have none else but you to turn to, who would help me through this.

Ya Allah, save my soul and er7amny bera7metak ya kareem.


  1. بابعت لك طاقة إيجابية

    وبوسة كبيرة

    وحضن كبييير

    وأؤكد لك إن بكرة أحلي بكتييير

    بس خلي أملك في ربنا كبييير

  2. its all in allah's hand, and because of my trust in him, i pray to him.
    he is the only one i have :)
    thx for the hug. very much needed