Monday, May 3, 2010

A wish

I wish to be a bird.
all i want is to fly to visit my friend.a loyal and dear friend, who was there every night.

my friend is that twinkling star far away, shining every night above my balcony, keeping me company and patiently listening to me telling the day's events, sharing my laughter and my tears.
the only friend, who saw my tears.


  1. Momken el Bird dah yeb2a ye3adi 3alya ana kaman 3ashan enty wa7shani ba2a :)

    Here is a lil something for you :)

  2. neisy, thank you for the pic
    and yes, i will stop at your house to say hi.
    i intend to visit all my friend, before flying up to the star.
    when i do, there will be no back to earth for me :))))

  3. O bet2ouli ana elly ray2a :)

    Rabena yes3eddek hun :)

  4. Check this out

    الناس الغلابه

  5. thx for sharing ya rouni.
    ana mesh ray2a. i just want to leave this planet and fly faaaar away, where i can lead a normal life.