Sunday, May 23, 2010

Be human

There is nothing wrong to be kind. in words or actions.
be kind with those who can do you absolutely no good.
be kind with those who are weak.
be kind when you scream at someone for a mistake he did.
be kind when you punish someone, it's ok to make mistakes.
be kind when you can't forgive someone- dont kill him. he is only human.
be kind when you spread seeds today, they will be the harvest you have tomorrow.
be kind to your soul, dont turn it to an ugly soul
be kind to flowers, they will -gladly- give you their odeur.
be kind to your house, it will offer you the warmth you need in a shelter.
be kind to the sun, moon and stars. they will shine better when you do.
be kind to yourself. you deserve it.

be human


  1. That was kind :D

    Of course there is nothing wrong to be kind. The wrong thing is to have an extremely aggressive style and to be really tough!

    Be Kind - No act of kindness [no matter how small] is ever wasted.

  2. true ya rouni. no act of kindness is ever wasted.
    ah ya rouni, the world is turning to be so ugly

  3. cant find the words to express my feelings right now!

  4. No. No. No! Never say this.

    Girls, Spread love and kindness everywhere you go bardo; and everything will turn to the best. The world will turn to a beautiful one.

    Ze2red, are you OK hun? Just checking on you ...


  5. ahlan ya rouni and zou
    bosso ya banat, as long as we have someone who cares for no materialistic reason- then we are fine.:)))
    i am glad to see you here ya banat.
    zou, u dont need to say anything.
    just enjoy the roses here :)))

  6. just had some bad news 3ala beliel... 3ady akhret shoghl el gam3a! but when hebba puts like that "as long as we have someone who cares for no materialistic reason- then we are fine.:)))" khls el kalam, el 7amdoo leallah i'm fine :)

    Miss u both :*

  7. ma3lesh, those who are mean to you are compensated with others who love you.
    ya3ni u have aho 2 girls zay el ward: rouni and myself :)))
    wala tez3aly

  8. 2amarat yakhwaty 3alehom ;)