Thursday, May 27, 2010

2nd new start in one day

I feel very weired, tired, and suffer from allergy- but restless enough not to sleep.
this is my 2nd start today at the blog, I managed to move the blog to its new space, and managed to recover the "old new" look of it as well.

I dont know why I am writing this, but i just felt like wanting to share that I managed to finally control my accounts.
my new email is working. not properly as i wished, but it is working and will -hopefully- remain like that.
my blog is under MY control- so none would publish anything under my name.
hopefully all my friends, colleagues and family are informed that i am fine, nothing happened to my cousine, and it's all a lie.
i got myself a new facebook account, sent messages and requests to all my old list-hopefully none else would get harmed from this hacker.

Guess i can sleep now. what is mostly disturbing me is this allergy i got. dont know why. red spots all over my body and face.
but it was a successful day- elhamdollah

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