Saturday, July 31, 2010


There was a time when i thought a part of my soul has died and i dont want it back again.
today i found out that this part is still very much alive, and that i would never let it die, for it is a very important part of me.
I missed being free and open to new experiences. today this part is back again.
I am happy about it.
Welcome back, me :)


  1. I love it when I have one of those days :)

  2. believe me there is nothing special about today.i mean nothing happened. i just woke up feeling that i am up to a new challenge, that i won't avoid a new experience, that i am enthusiastic enough to start all over again- not fearing the pain.
    for no reason. just like that :)
    and this is the day i was hoping to come-yet didnt believe in it very much.

  3. it's been quiet a while since you've been here.
    you have been missed ya baraheem- 3ala ra2y sara

  4. Beba!<3
    Welcome back baby :)
    I still love you the same however...
    I'm so very happy for you <3

  5. thank you dearest.
    me too, i am happy to have this part of myself back.
    it meant so much to me, and i thought it was gone forever :)))
    miss you ya helwa. we shoul dmeet ba2a

  6. thank you cindy.
    i just found out that i can fall in love again. and that i can be happy again :)