Monday, August 2, 2010

My brother's birthday

My dear brother,
this goes to you - INTENTIONALLY one day late, because i knew everyone would write on their blogs on this occasion.
I just wanted to be "different".I won't make it long

I just want to tell you that you mean a lot to me. your friendship and your "being my caring brother" really means alot to me.

I saw you at the beginning as a kind young man, ebn nas awy and a very good and intelligent writer.
then I came to see a side of you, which I knew existed, yet i never imagined it went that deep.
the side of you being "human", "kind", "mo7taram" or "considerate".
it was all said in one sentence, which is just imprinted in my heart
" Hebba, I knew it from the beginning. I noticed the change, as I am very observant"
those few words showed how considerate and "mo7taram" you are, for to see something, yet not to abuse it, not to point it out and not to push on the bleeding wound.

Thank you ya baraheem - i am borrowing it from Zou till i come up with a unique nick name for you.
thank you for being so kind and considerate and human when i mostly needed it.
thank you for being my brother. I am 100% positive that whenever i need a shoulder to support me, you will be there.

warmest and best wishes for a life full of happiness and success you so much deserve, dearest brother.
Hope your 23th (copying neisy's) year is just the start for a life full of love, warmth, success, happiness and everything you so much deserve.

N.B. I love that picture. it tells everything about you.
bravo ya Neisy :)


  1. sorry ya baraheem. it came long bardo.
    mafish fayda

  2. HEBBA!
    You made me tear, ma32ol f 7ad gamel awi zayek keda..

    Everyword you said, was in fact, so true about him..Rabena ye7fazo :)

    And YES! My "23th" is getting hip xD

    PS: I'm very happy mesh 3arfa leh :D
    Habla much?

  3. Ohhh Ohhhh Ohhhh... Baraheem is taking all the attention of the blogosphere these days. Mashy ya 3am el mohem, mo3gabenak w 7abybak keteeeer ;)

    Hebba that was very well-heartly said, chapeau!

    Ibraheem, did i tell you happy birthday yet??!!!
    Because i don't recall doing so yet :p

  4. this post made me sigh :)

    Amen to you .. amen to everything, kindest Hebba :)

  5. Sigh leih bas ya baraheem.
    where does the smile go?

  6. zou, ma32oul u didnt wish him happy birthday till now?

    and yes, mo3gabeno and 7abybao keteeeer- and you are one of them ya 7elwah.
    can you deny that?

  7. neisy, amen to your prayer. rabena ye7fazo ya rab.
    and you are not habla 7abibty. i am happy too. and so is everyone. and this is the way it should be. so enjoy being happy and try to infect him :)

  8. takhyaly it took me 3 days to reach him and say happy birthday. waga3ly 2alby ya shekha... and i'm having second thoughts about being one of his fans :p... same3ny?!

  9. well, it took me quite some time bardo to reach him.
    bas barado, being his older sister- i guess he had to answer my call. and as usual he was very short- 2al ya3ni 3ashan el shoghl :))))

    same3ny ya baraheem :PPPPPPP

  10. Happy birthday! He's very handsome AND a good person? Now there's a combination I don't see very often :))))

  11. cindyyyyyyy, yes he is both, dear.
    handsome AND good. truly good. there is a light coming from deep down his heart.
    may god bless him :)
    see ya ibraheem, Cindy says she doesnt meet people like you often :))))

  12. God bless you Ibraheem! :-))))

  13. thanks Cindy, I'm deeply touched :)