Friday, August 27, 2010

roses for a very special occasion

I stood with my back to the kitchen door, about to take the food off the cooker.
Kareem just drove in few minutes ago and I expect the three of them to burst into the kitchen any second.
surprisingly he walked in alone, the kids not chatting with him as usual.
I was about to turn around, when his arms slid arround my waist, his right hand holding a bouquet of beautiful red, white and rosa roses- just infront of my nose.
hey, these are lovely."
"so are you"
"what's the occasion?"
"a very special one: I love you"

Me and the roses ended up in his arms resting on his shoulder, a tender smile on my lips, love shining from my eyes.
"I love you too"


  1. i know the feeling.
    maho ah ya 2alby ana kaman :)
    welcome to the club of "ah ya 2alby ladies"
    bas maho wala 7a2i2ah wala 7elm?
    why not dream to reach teh stars? aho dream anuway :))))