Thursday, September 2, 2010

كيف أنت يا سراقة و في يديك أسورة كسرى Light of hope in a dark moment

Suraqah, how would you feel, if wearing the royal barclets of the romanian King?

a simple question, which he asked his follower, on the day he was running away from his hometown.
while everyone was looking for him, he was wanted alive or dead, only his friend as companion, travelling a long and unknown road to escape his enemies and reach his destination city as safe as possible.
facing one of his enemies who has found him, he never lost his courage, hope and faith in Allah's hand.
he was very sure of his victory, as Allah has promised him a complete victory ove his enemies, but he taught me so many things, from this very short incident.

- set your goal, plan for it and work hard to reach it.
- never loose hope.even in darkest moments, keep your head up, trust in Allah's judgement and keep working to get there.
- a kind approach-even with your enemies- has a magical influence. being cruel is the easiest way, strong kindness is your weapon to fight your enemies.
- If today you are the weak party, tomorrow you will be the strong one. just work on it.
- The true leader is the one who spreads positive attitude to those arround him. His calm, positive attitude in dealing wiht this man gave Abu Bakr -his friend and companion- the time to calm down and gather his courage again, ready to fight if needed.
- let go of hatred and forgive who used to be your enemy. you never know, tomorrow he might be your companion and supporter.
- never use people's weak moments. think of your own weak moments.

Suraqah ibn Malik has lived few years after this incident and at the time the Muslims won the romanian empire, while Omar ibn el Khattab was ruling- Suraqqah got the royal barcelts of Qissrah and wore them infront of everyone- as HE promised him.

When i am down, loosing my faith in myself and the world, i run to him. read his life story, listen to people talking about it, learning from him how to overcome my weakness.
and he never failed to help me, whenever i looked for a sign in his life.
I always find the answer to my question in his life story and find my way back to the right path

Allahoma sally wa sallem 3ala saidna Mohammad wa 3ala aleh wa sa7beh ajma3ien.


  1. There's so much hope in your writing, I just love it Hebba.

    Thank you for your sweet words on my last post. I'm so lucky to have such a caring friend like you.


  2. Good job dear :)

    Suraqah story is a brilliant one.

    There are so many treasures in Sirat rassoul-Allah... and yes it's a relief!

    صلي الله علي محمد .. صلي الله عليه وسلم


  3. Barry, there is always hope in my heart. dont ask me from where it comes. i often wonder myself.
    but one thing is there for sure: having lots of loving friends arround me fills my heart with hope in a better tomorrow.
    especially a dear warm friend, who i havent met yet.
    know him?

  4. yes ya rouni. there are so many treasures in his life and character.
    i am lucky to explore them and learn from him ISA.