Sunday, September 26, 2010


For long years I thought you were gone, but you were right here next to me.
For some time I thought I got over you and have forgotten you, but you were never forgotten.
For few times I thought you have forgotten me, only to feel the old passion in your words, when we talked.
For once I felt in love to only know that my feelings were a big illusion, when compared to what I felt for you.
For once I felt he was at the same level as you were, to know how precious you are when compared to him.
For once I thought I was ready for a new life, but you never left room for anyone else to have in my heart.
For long years I thought I don't love you anymore, yet here I am smiling again at your jokes when reading them - for the million's time.
For long years I thought I have forgotten your life-loving spirit, sense of humor, warmth, tender heart, caring hand caressing my soul, but they have never left my side for a second.
For years i thought i have forgotten your teasing me for being an early sleeper, joking about my Tweety-printed T-shirt and my being chocoholic- but they are still right here, printed in my heart.
For long years i was fighting against your shadow, only to find out that everyone else is a shadow,
while you are the only truth i ever knew in my life.

So I decided to accept the truth and to stop fighting.


  1. Allah :D

    You know what ya "Mariam", you really deserve to have a great relationship.
    but am not sure if "Karim" deserves you or not ;)

    Move on sister!
    Rabena yes3edek hun :)

  2. thx ya rouni.
    you should have known him. you would have loved the way he smiles, teases with words that made me angry then hysterically laughing, and about my chocolate eating,and those smily faces he sent over messenger.
    you would have loved his life-loving spirit and the endless sense of humor

  3. Omal :(( !!

    ... and sorry, I meant to write it keda "Kareem" not "Karim"

    aslaha betefre2 ;)

  4. i know enaha betefre2.
    and believe me, he was always nuts when someone wrote his name wrong.
    just like me when someone writes my name with one B
    etnein maganeien :)))))

  5. mabalash el "B" di aslan ya Bossboss; balash! :D

  6. i love the letter B.
    Bernd's name begins with it
    he worte my name with BB
    and it is since then a very unique part of my name and me.
    and i have nice memories with it :)
    don't worry.
    mesh 2olna kanet :))))