Monday, September 20, 2010

A beautiful, wise, romantic and Proud-to-be Virgo

She is my friend, who I got to know about 10 months ago.
We got quickly attached to eachother, feeling that there are many things in common and therefore there is no formal introduction needed.
On the first day of Adha feast she simply called to wish me a happy feast. that first call wasn't for few minutes- i still remember it was for almost an hour.
this is our habit, late night phone calls for hours, sometimes it ended after dawn :) - 2 crazy souls talking about God and the world :)

She is my friend with the beautiful mind and soul - as i used to call her.
She likes writing, drawing, pencils, coloured pens, block notes, anything related to writing and arts is her favourties.

She is a very good writer, who enjoys writing as activity and most of her writings are not for publishing. it is her personal pleasure to write down her thoughts and feelings in the most sincere way. i can't resist not being touched by what she writes.

She is creativity walking on 2 legs, in a beautiful way you won't want her ideas to end- if you got to see them :)- yet she rarely shares them.

Rawanie, or rounie as i love to call you: Happy and blessed Birthday dearest.
May today be just the start of a beautiful, happy and blessed year to come
may this new year of your life be a start to many healthy and blessed years to come
may Allah protect your beautiful soul and your faith enlightens your face more and more.
May we always remain friends, no matters where we are or how life treats us.

All i am trying to tell you- dear- that you are a treasure friend and sister I am blessed to have.

Yellow is her favourite colour, that's why I am using it.


  1. thank you, dear.
    she is a very dear friend of mine. it is her birhtday, and i hope this humble gift would give her some happiness.
    miss you :)

  2. Oh, what a lovely surprise! :D

    I am flattered. Flooded in love...

    Thank . You . Hebba !

    For the joy of your company...
    For the comfort of knowing that you care...
    For the love and kindness you show...

    Actually, Thank You For Your Presence in My Life!

    Love, always and forever,
    Moi :)

  3. Happy birthday Rouni. Enjoy your day to the max. Have a blast and may it be year full of happiness and wishes coming true :*

  4. rouni, i am glad you liked it and it gave you some happiness dear :)

  5. zou,may allah hear your prayers dear :)

  6. Thank you dears :D

    Merci beaucoup Ze2red for such a lovely prayers, I prayed the very same for you.


  7. rabena yataqabbal from both of you dears :)

  8. tayeb howa ana yenfa3 ad3y m3ako tayeb :D. ya Hebba this is my first time to pass by here but Rawanie used to tell me about you a lot :). bgd nice post :).

    ya Rounyyyyyy Happy Birthday to the most stunnig woman I have ever meet :). I have nothing to add over what Hebba has said bas bgd you are one of the most beautiful and unique people I have known :). ISA all your dreams and wishes come true this year :).rabena ye5aleko ly ba3d ya rab :).

    P.S: howa mafesh leh the LIKE button hena :D.

  9. Noly, welcome here dear :)
    me too, know alot about you from rouni. she is fond of the "bent nas" you are :)
    and you are most welcome to join the prayers, of course.
    and i am positive that Allah will hear your prayers for her, as she really deserves them, and they are honest and sincere from our hearts.
    happy to see you here.

  10. Noly, i dont know where to get the i like button.
    bas hadawar 3aleh. sorry, forgot to reply to you on this in my first reply :)

  11. Hayati Ya Hayati; the beautiful Only Noly :D

    Eih el-mofag2a el-faziii3a di ya welad :D 7ad ye2oli !!!

    Totally likewise hun ... If you really know how Lucky Happy I am for having you as a very sincere friend and sister ya a7la Noly fel-3alam :D ...

    Thank You :D Thank You for everything :D

  12. @ Hebba: Allah yekremek ya shekha for your nice comment :).Rouny also told me a lot about how kind-hearted are you :). Nice to know you :). 3ala fekra mafesh asln I like button bas ana bahazr m3aky :)..... Sorry for the delayed reply.

    @Rouny: I'm speechless and flattered from this so nice comment :). rabena ye5aleky leya ya rab .... Thank you :))