Thursday, September 9, 2010

El Aar- The Shame

I am not a fan of TV series, and never follow any especially in Ramadan.
Qadaran, I got to watch few episodes of this series.
The number of evil actions and thinking way in this series scared me, but what scared me more was the way Allah's hand has taken revenge from those evil people.
it is not just a TV series, it is more the revenge or giving back the rights to those who were hurt.
the concept of allah's hand keeping the justice in this world - although i always believed in it- shook me to the roots.
Dear Lord, dont ever let me hurt anyone, for i fear your revenge.
and if i do it - i am human afterall - please forgive me and let them forgive me, before it is too late for me to come back to your correct path.
Dear Lord, I am forgiving those who have hurt me - throughout my life. and You are hereby my witness- for i hope if i ever hurt someone, they would forgive me too.
Dear Lord, as much as i hoped for your justice, as much as it scares me how it can destroy a weak human soul.
Grant us all your mercy and help us to overcome the evil in us.

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