Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"Tuesdays with Morrie" - 3

"When I have people and friends here, I'm very up.The loving relationships maintain me."

from "Tuesdays with Morrie" for Mitch Albom, 1997- an old man, a young man and life's greatest lesson

He was a mentor & teacher, who was used to give, teach, and coach his students, transfer and share his knowledge with them- young they were, wise he was.
When I read this sentence, I could so much relate to it.
Yes, friendships or loving relations DO maintain the human side in us.
as long as we have someone to care for, as long as we still care for someone else's wellbeing, we are still human.
there is not only ME existing in this world, there are others, who have same rights as i do. same needs, same wishes and have same weaknesses.
Having a balanced relationship maintains the soul from sinking in a deep sea of lonliness and selfishness.
Having my friends and family around me- elhamdollah- as well as being able to make new friends is one blessing, that keeps my soul away from lonliness and keeps me from not being a self-centered creature.


  1. Was planning to read this book in september, bas a3mel eih fel 3aya dah! Al7amdulellah. Elmohem eno elketab mawgood :D
    O October mawgood bardo :D
    In-sha2-Allah will read it this month...

    I guess ya Hebba eno The "Me and only Me" is existing bardo. who s/he is only concerned about himself/herself...

    Rabena yekhalilek kol elly bet7ebihom O yekhaliki lihom :D

  2. october, we nevember we december
    ro7 ya october ta3ala ya november :))
    read it when u have time, no emergency.
    meanwhile enjoy those episodes here.
    salamtek, yalla get well to go out and enjoy the autmn weather.