Sunday, October 3, 2010

Just for today

Just for today share your happy news with those you know they care.
why do we tend to spread sadness and keep happyness for ourselves?
sharing the rose never reduces the odeur.


  1. Tayeb ba2a ana delwa2ti Ba7eb gedid ;))

  2. heyyyy, good news :))))
    thx for sharing.
    who is the lucky person :DDDDD

  3. Hebba: I shared my news already :)

    Rawanie: sama3eny tany keda?!!!! are u serious girl?

  4. tayeb ana 3andy news 7elwa ana kman :D, Shi 3mla 5roga ly kol el blogosphere girls next Monday w ana nefsy tego 3shan ashofko ba2a kolko keda :D.

    ya Rouny enty bt2oly bte3mly eh gded tany keda :D ;). Amennnnnnnnnn ya rab :))

  5. looks like rouni has disappeared after throwing the bomb.
    i am ready to attend the celebration anyway :)))))

    Noly: I can't come, I will be in Ein Sokhna ISA with my family. but u go ahead and enjoy ur time.
    and share the photos on FB :)))

  6. Hebba the outing is monday, hatefdaly fel 3een el sokhna till then????

    and Roni 3awza el darb :D

  7. Asl ya zou we didnt find reservation over weekend, fa we have it sunday & Monday, back Tuesday ISA :)))
    3ila maganein

  8. Eih da ba2a.. Khalas kolo we2e3 3ala wedano ? :D

    Ne2oul Kaman,

    Ana Delwa2ti Ba7eb Gedid.. Ba7eb gedid.. Men gheir 2alb.. men gheir 7ob.. Sa3b el-donia fe youm tet7as..!

    :) xx

  9. hayel hayel :)
    ana gahza a7dar el7aflah, but remember to choose dark chocolate. u know i love it :))))
    rabena yes3edek dayman :)
    waiting for rest of the news ya 7elwa

  10. tab ana lesa mesh fahma 7aga :(

    Rawanie: wa7ed email mo3tabr keda yetb3etlna, w e7ky feeh bel tafseel men fadlek. Ra3y en sa7betek mokhaha wakhed agaza w fehmaha ba2a 3ala 2adaha :D

  11. la2 ya doctorah, who says so??
    i have no details bardo, but i already jumped over this phase and moved to the party and chocolate :)
    i think rouni has slept already, ya3ni we will stay keda till she logs in again :(((((

  12. ya far7ety beha w heya 3amla bet7adef kanabel...w ba3deen eh doctorah deeh... te2ela awy :(

    i didn't get used to bashmohandesa and ppl are calling me doctorah already, mesh lay2 3alya :D

  13. i didnt like it either :) but thought of teasing you.
    but the konbela is begad gamda.
    konbelet 2010 el bent di :)