Saturday, October 23, 2010

let the past die

Hotmail assistance team just approached me for restore of my old hotmail account. for a moment i was tempted to ask them to retrieve it, after so long time i have lost it.
this account was my very first one, years ago and has witnessed so many events in my life and has been my way to communicate with many people.
but then on a second thought i thanked them for their assistance and asked them to delete it without me retrieving anyhting, which was saved on this account.
let the past rest ya Hebba- was all i could tell myself.
and for the first time in long time, i listened to my mind, overcoming my heart.


  1. "let the past die"... Such a sad tittle :(

    Hebba, your past taught you a lot about yourself & about others as well and helped you to undrestand the present you are already in and in-sha2-Allah will help you to live a better future, so, why do you want to kill it? just learn from it dearest :)

    Maybe elbo3d kan mofeed at first, and what has happened to your hotmail account was a clear sign, ya Rab sobhanak!
    But now, khalass, definitely things are not the same.. Things pass.. Let them pass..

    But if necessary ya3ni, let the bad memories die and bury them kaman :D
    and keep the beautiful ones always in your mind and heart when you need to smile...

    Hebba, I love you and I really wish you a very good luck in life and love...


  2. Rouni ya Rouni :)
    i love you too, and you are for me a dear sis wallahi, just like menna and aya.
    past is past, habibty. khalas. i dont need what was stored in it anymore.
    lessons are learned, but that is it.
    not worth my time anymore.
    and i am happy that i refused to restore the old account.
    just wanted the past to rest in peace and me to move and start a fresh new life :)

  3. Let sleeping dogs lie. It is liberating to move on sometimes.

  4. I love the thought of this, seems refreshing :)

  5. Jessyz, yes it is liberating, and after having this new email adress, i feel like newly born. :)

  6. Hea, yes it is refreshing. i feel like a newly born person. no history, no anything to drag my eyes back to the past.
    it is better this way.
    and welcome here ya fandem.
    the blog menawar bekom ya banat: rouni, jessyz, Zou and Hea