Sunday, August 8, 2010


I received this as attachment to an email from a friend. I found it a kind reminder to me, to remember this simple, yet very important fact:
"Kind actions never die,
cruel actions are never forgotten,
the debtor never dies
so be and act the way you wish,
you are the debtor today and have a right
tomorrow you are the creditor and have to pay your debts back"
Today I want to try being a good person, caring for my family and friends and not hurting anyone because tomorrow i want my conscious to be clear when I stand in front of Allah (SWT) with no shame on my face.
Ya rab, never give me the power to hurt anyone, never let me be cruel to someone, never put egoism and arrogance in my heart.
Ya rab.


  1. I like this Hebba, it's an important thing to remember. :)

  2. What a great reminder, indeed! We should say these things to our selves every morning before leaving the house.

  3. barry,i am glad you liked it.
    you have been missed here, Mister :))))
    yes, it is important to remember. like we used to say it
    what goes around comes around

  4. cindy, welcome back to writing dear.i missed you here.
    i do as you say, dear. not every moring, but when people treat me bad, i keep reminding myself that they will get it back, while get back what i deserve :)
    and it works