Friday, July 16, 2010

When you love someone

When you have very special feelings for someone

tell them they are missed.
call and check on them
go visit
send flowers
write them an email
send an ecard
buy them a small gift
invite them over lunch/dinner/coffee or even a bottle of water
drive to their home just to "see" it
get them your favourite chocolate and tell them you wished they'd taste it.
download their favourite music, put it on CD and give to them
pop up unexpectedly at their office to say "Hi, i just wanted to check on you" in 2 minutes.
drive them home, to save them the hassle
send them a funny email, jokes, touching story or some caring words "just to stay in touch"
give a hand at hard times at work -if you can- to take off some load off their shoulder.
be the warmth they long to at a cold winter day
be the smile they look for when life is dark
be the gentle hand to tab on their shoulder, when life slaps them on their face
be the heart, feeling their pain-hidden behind the mask they wear
be the caring hand to gently touch their cheeks telling "everything will be allright again"
be the secure, tight hug, when they are lost.
be the loving partner/friend/sister/brother/mother/father - depends on what they need right now.
be the loving eye, seeing the whole picture, yet reflecting only the beauty in them.
be the gentle understanding of all their imperfections, faults, and mistakes,
be the reassuring tender smile, telling them  how much you love it all
get them an extremely expensive gift, to tell them what words couldnt express

When there is nothing more to do, just pack your things and ......


  1. Mon Dieu!!
    But does everyone appreciate/understand such things? I dont think so...
    leaving is the best attitude to take now...
    Hebba, don't allow someone to take you for granted.. What is lost is lost. khalass. Always remember that today is a new day. and this is life any way; crazy life!
    A time to kill, and a time to heal...
    A time to get, and a time to lose...
    A time to love, and a time to hate!!

    Sobhan mokaleb el-koloub!

  2. Awwwww, I love the list.
    I will turn it into a to-do list one day :)

  3. I love this Hebba!

    I've given you an award on my blog. :)

  4. @ Rawanie
    yes, dear. there is someone worth those things.
    or so i still believe.
    i might be mistaken, but it's my way of loving someone anyway.
    there is time to love-yes
    time to hate-no.
    i wont waste my time in hate.
    i'd rather spend it loving others :)

  5. @ Neisy: good to see you online again :)
    yes, make it a to-do-list
    a-receive-list as well
    just make sure it goes both ways.
    hug you too here till i see u again :)

  6. @ Barry
    you have been missed here, Mister!
    glad you loved it.
    i'll check your blog right away.

  7. I hope you get what I mean by 'hate'- just wanna say that sometimes you should stop loving someone for one reason or another, and not the direct meaning of the word. I never hated anyone, and cant experience that with someone I already loved. and by the way, for me 'hate' is not the opposite of 'love' but 'indifference' that is the opposite.

  8. ah ya rourou!!!!
    this is all what i want to say right now.
    bas keda