Saturday, July 10, 2010

Today with Joe

Having Joe spending today with me gives the day a very special taste.
the world was different before he came
he made such a difference in my life, in those few days he spent with me.
when he grows up he won't remember - of course- anything about today, and I won't mention it,
But I am documenting it here, whenever he wants, I would let him read this.
Joe, you made today the most beautiful day i have ever had.
you were sleeping as the day begun, I came closer and gave you a  light kiss at your cheek.
This is all what i needed to do to enjoy today, and see it in a different light.
Thank you sweetheart for being such a lovely baby.
Please know that your auntie loves you so much, even if she never tells you this in words.


  1. May Allah bless both of you :)

    P.S. Sometimes you need to tell him in words; its lovely.

  2. thank you dear. ya rab to bless him and give him health and kindness.

    i do tell him. i talk to him the whole time and tell him jokes, stories, and i even tell him my secrets.
    and most of the times i telil him how muc i love him. he might not love me that much when he grows up, but i understand :)