Monday, July 26, 2010

a quality time

Kareem was watching his favourite show on TV, when i came and just sat there. i kept silent, not watching but just sitting next to him.
somehow he felt there is something wrong with me.
he looked at me, and silently put his arm around my shoulder pulling me closer to him.
"why do i feel a loose heartbeat here, love?"
i rested my head at his shoulder and sighed.
"would you love me when i am 70? old, weak, wrinkles allover my face?"
he looked at me and said "would you love me when i am 70, old, weak, wrinkles allover my face, all money, business and power gone?"
"of course i would. why should i change? i love you for who you are, not what you have. and kareem, to hell wiht money and power. i need only you.
he kissed my cheek lightly and said" darling, you have just answered the question yourself. to hell with beauty and anything superficial. you will always be beautiful to me, no matters what. those eyes will always shine for me. this heart will always held mine. this smile will always warm my soul. that doesnt change ya mariam."

i rested my head back on his shoulder and held him tight to me. we remained silent afterwards. then went to sleep shortly after.
God, i needed those few moments.
there was something filling my heart. a calmness and reassurance i needed. for no particular reason. maybe i just needed a kind word.
and he is always there for me to give love, warmth, reassurance and tenderness.
Kareem, how much i love you !

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