Sunday, July 4, 2010

Adham's birth

Adham and Mariam are playing with Roy- our dog- just few meters away from me. i was watching them, and somehow my mind drifted away to the day when Adham was born.
It was early morning on a Thursday, when Kareem drove me to the hospital. he stayed at my side the whole time, till our son was born. holding my hand, soothing my anxiety and sharing my pain and happiness.
the first moment our son had in this world was in my arms, with his father holding both of us.
I had a mixture of feelings: happy, secure, scared, tired, satisfied, but above all deep gratitude for what Allah has just granted me. A loving husband and a healthy child. this is all what i ever wished for.
what could a woman possibly want more?

We agreed on naming him Adham. both of us love the name.

Kareem stayed with me until i was released from the hospital, never leaving my side. somehow he felt how much i needed him. in a new and more intensive way, i needed his support.
i was scared to do any mistakes and harm our child. his smile and helping hand were there to ensure me it is ok and everything will be fine.

our first night at home with Adham he kept hugging me almost the whole time. as if he felt that he was our shelter.
the moments i held Adham in my arms were incredible- but the moments Kareem held me were just indescribable feeling.
Home was in his arms. warmth was his touch and safety was his heartbeat when i leaned against him.

I still remember how i felt right before falling asleep on that night: deep, solid and never ending love for my husband.

"Mummy, have you seen that?" my little champ came running to me, smiling and excited about something that just happened.
i didn't want to disappoint him by saying that i was miles away. i just held and kissed him.

Ya Allah, how can i ever thank you enough for what you gave me :)


  1. Hebba, this life, this world you dream of is so beautiful to me.

    "Home was in his arms. warmth was his touch and safety was his heartbeat when i leaned against him."

    I love these lines.


  2. thx dearest.
    this world would be my world if it is meant to be.
    i dont need more to be happy.
    glad u liked them.
    if u visit often you'd find more of this world. :)