Tuesday, July 20, 2010

just for today

Just for today, smile at someone you are not really fond of.
just for today, smile at a stranger
just for today, smile at a needy person while giving him money or food or whatever.
just for today, don't hurt anyone around you - no matters how "low" they are.
just for today, send someone a virtual flower.
just for today, make someone really really happy
just for today, give others some warmth
just for today, share someone else's pain
just for today, be friendly and gentle when talking to those arround you.
just for today, ask your subordinates to do their work in a kind way.
just for today, think of those who you haven't called in a while and check on them.
just for today, say "thank you" with a warm and sincere smile to the doorman who cleans your car.

just for today, BE HUMAN.


  1. I wish everyone reads this ...
    We all need to start being all human, all of us.

  2. It's always good to be reminded of how important
    it is to smile - and then a little MORE
    smile and kindness - when you meet people...

  3. Neisy
    sorry for late reply. yes, i wish everyone reads this. just reminding ourselves of small things, we sometimes miss

  4. rouni
    smile,be warm,kind, do anything good.
    anything small would do. anything small has a meaning.