Tuesday, July 13, 2010

One fine day :)

i borrow this title from Zou. she used it at one of her posts.
It was last Saturday, I had agreed with Rawani, Zou, Ibraheem, Radwa and Hanan to meet for late lunch in a restaurant in Heliopolis.
none of us mentioned any special occasions, and i literally asked Rawani not to mention to them what this day was.
we met 3adi, got to the restaurant, started talking and ordering food. Zou, Radwa, Ibraheem and myself.
Then Rawani joined after some time and at last came Hanan for the first time to meet us, after coming home from Jeddah :)

As I was sitting my back to the entrance, i didnt see what was happening behind my back.
Rawani and Zou started the surprise, while Ibraheem, Radwa and Hanan were VERY calm !!!
I found the girls kissing me and wishing me Happy Birthday, saying they didnt forget!
it was all planned from the beginning. starting from picking up the day, pretending they dont know, and leave it till last second- to be a REAL surprise for me.

I was showered with gifts:
- Books from Rouni (who spent a week ya 7aram trying to make me tell what kind of books i like)
- Book and Headscarfs from Zou and Ibraheem (i know Zou chose the colours. sa7 ya ibraheem :)))))?
- key holder from Radwa (roody, i am using it together with my old one. it looks soooo nice and completely different from what i would have choosen :))
- Perfume and Zamzam water from Hanan ( Neisy, when you asked me what i need from Jeddah, i wished i could tell you to get me Zamzam water. but i didnt want to push you:)))
then followed by 2 songs: happy Birthday and yalla &alan Balan 7ayw abou el fasad. :)))).

I had a mixture of feelings at this point, yet i guess i was good enough at hiding them.
i was very happy for the quality time i am spending with them
i was very grateful for the care they showered me. I needed it badly on this day.
i was surprised of the incredibly warm arrangements of eveything and how i didnt doubt it for a second that any of them remembers my birthday- which made me go completely speechless.
i felt LOVED.

Thank you, dearest Rawani, for being my friend. the ugly experience we went through together, turned out to a beautiful and rare friendship :)
your beautiful mind, soul and smile, made it very hard for me not to wish you'd be a lifetime friend. and el7amdollah that everyday that passes gets us closer and we both enjoy it.

Thank you Zou ya 7abibty. my first impression of the charming,warm and smooth way of welcoming a person in your life - has never changed. i still see you as i wrote in my post for your birthday. you have an incredible way of making me feel welcomed in your life and circle.your warm welcoming hug in your wrods-even over phone. And I can't resist hugging you every time i see you.leih teftekry?????
i cant imagine you could be sherrirah when giving lectures :)))))

Thank you ya Ibraheem. like you- i have so much to say to you bardo, but for an unknown reason i go speechless. but i know that you know what i want to say.
looks like the 2nd half of 2010 would bring some joys and the sad days are just behind us :)
i will only tell you one thing: you are one fine person and testahel kol kheir :)

Thank you ya Neisy, ya 7abibty. if i ever have a daughter, i would love her to be just like you. with all your crazyness, fun and life loving spirit, openness, clear and straight forward way and your very pure way of "feeling" people and differentiating the good from the bad.I might want to kill her bardo when she gets home late, but i would be happy to see her enjoying her young life to the maximum :)

Thank you ya Roody for joining the group. you have the spirit of an artist, which i enjoy in your writings and loved when  i saw your graduation project. dont care about the 0 comments on your blog. we all expereince this and one day you will be showered by comments. but dont stop writing for you have talent and i really really enjoy reading what you write.

Guys, you have been there for me at one of the most difficult times of my life- few months ago- and here you are again proofing to me the fine quality of persons you are.
thank you for caring to know when is my birhtday,
thank you for marking your calenders or just remembering it
thank you for the troubles you have gone through preparing all this
thank you for your support and warmth, which helped me to overcome the bitterness and sadness i felt on that day.
thank you for being my friends. you are a blessing i so much needed, which i would never trade for anything inn this world.

Allahoma lak el7amd 3ala ne3amak

Tuesday, 13th July - reliving the joy of Saturday 10th of July 2010.


  1. This is so GREAT Hebba! Never forget you have people who love you, whether standing beside you or in other places like Canada!


  2. you are one of the belssings i have in this new year of my life, barry.
    you know how much i appreciate you.
    and eveytime you comment, you just manage to make me happy and speechless

  3. WoOoW!

    This is one emotional post. I like documenting the details. This is so sweet, and a very nice way to keep it in mind. I was doing mine when i got home, but never got the chance to continue it since then :(

    You are free to borrow any title you want. It's a pleasure. and i'm so gald i finally got to surprise someone.

    "And I can't resist hugging you every time i see you.leih teftekry?????"

    Because i'm warm tab3an ;p

    "i cant imagine you could be sherrirah when giving lectures :)))))" i'm sorry to tell you i really am :)

    Glad you enjoyed your day, and hope the rest of the year holds happiness to your heart.

    PS: this day was being planned for since Neisy was still in KSA.

  4. this is my 'speechless' year I guess!

    I so want to write down those lovely days too, I still can't find the words ..

    thanks Hebba .. for everything :)

  5. Ibhog: we both need to do that before we forget!

  6. Koll sana O enti tayeba; again...
    May Allah shower you this year with the best of all and may we always see you happy :)

    Dears, Bossboss, Ze2red, Ibhog, Neisy, and Roudi,
    I really enjoyed your meeting. Our friendship is real now, deep and permanent in-sha2-Allah. I love you. I always have, and I always will. :)

    ... I can only hope to continue to be an important part of your life for you are an important part of mine.

    :) xx

  7. Zou, ya 7abibty, yes you managed to surprise me. i didnt doubt it khales begad. and actually was happy about that. i dont celebrate my birthday and only 3 of my very close friends know it.

    still, dont think you could be sherirah. cant believe it. can you proof it?

  8. Ibraheem, one of us should break this speechless thing. or we will end up not talking at all :))))
    and stop thanking me every time we talk.
    it is a pleasure having you around.
    time to believe it ba2a :)

    it is a very nice thing to document special moments of your life. i still believe taht best documenting way is holding the memory to your heart, but sometimes you need to write it down. i used to do so since my school days and i still remember every detail when i read what i wrote back then.

    i guess when you write down those special days, it would be an extra pleasure to read them :)
    start writing -both of you- about this one before the next one is due :)

  9. rouni, thank you for the wishes and ameen to your prayers. ya rab for all of us inshaa Allah.

    we love yoou back :)))

  10. i'll invite you to one of my sections or office hours to make you believe :D

    bas eyaky ba3d keda te2ta3y 3elaktek beya!

  11. i'd be happy to attend :PPPPPP

    where is that cancer-analysis you and neisy wanted to do?

  12. aho zahar: http://ze2red.blogspot.com/2010/07/my-beloved-cancerians.html

  13. doory ba2aaaaaaa eh kol el comments dh msh 3arfeen en el mafrod ana akon awel wa7da 3ashan ana el gededa hena

    msh ma32ool kda

    First ba2a :D

    Ibrahim ana shakah en enta speechless 3alatool w ha2olha tany w 3l mala2 ba2a :P ibrahim bytkesef ya ged3aaaaaaaaaaaan :P :P :P looool

    Rawani :D ana hasameky esm tany 3ashan msh atla7'bat :D insah2 allah hanb2a as7ab :D asl el artists 3alatool bytlamo 3ala ba3d :D

    Hanaaaaaaaaaaaaaan awel ma shoftek 2olt 3aleky shabah el so3deyeen :D hhhhhh i like u awyyyyyy asly ba7eb el nas el ta2ah w el magnonah :D

    my BIG SIS. ba2a thanks for taking me with u :D

    Saving ba2a U ya Hebba for the last 3ashan yeb2a 7'etamoha mesk :D (kiss)

    awln u made me speechless with ur words bgd ...i luv u even b4 i met u ...i knew how caring u r from facebook bgd and am glad that i could join the gang

    am honored to be mentioned in this post ...that means that i'm written in Hebba's History book :D

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay :D

    Thanks all for welcoming me and making me feel comfortable between u :D ( msh 3azool ya3ny )

  14. roody
    i am glad you enjoyed the outing. i was fearing you'd feel strange between such "people" :)))
    this is not a history book, dear. it is kind of diary, where i capture moments i wish never to forget. like taking a picture keda.then after years, when i read them i remember how those moments were.
    and yes, you are captured in one of the happiest and very special days of my life. and i owe you a big tight hug for what you did. :)

  15. Ma3lesh ana bas estafeztnii awiii "so3deyen" deh!!!!
    Bet! Ba2oleek ehh?!! 7at2olhomli Nelly Nelly, 7a2olhomlek Sherihan Sherihan, 2allak So3deyen 2all!!!

    Ma3lesh ya3ni ya Roody, Ana masry awwi w mesh bate2 el So3deyen, bas aktar wa7da 7abethaa enty begad (shofy ezay kolo yedrab nar delwa2tii :D)
    Haha, begad... that day was so special too!

    Awel marra ashofko kolokoo and it was as awesome as it can get, I had so much fun begad, and I had the pleasure of meeting you all in person keda marra wa7da...

    I love your post ya Beba, and I'm glad you loved that day, I guess that was a day we will never forget....

    I love you all guys begad...

    Yala noro7 Dreaam Parkk!! Weeeeeee xD

  16. Oh sa7e7, blenesbah lel soraa

    Ugly eh bas, way much more.... :D

  17. Hebba: http://ze2red.blogspot.com/2010/07/lovely-evening.html