Thursday, January 27, 2011

A wife's day off

Today is my "day off" from family life.
Kareem will take care of the kids for the next 17 hours, and I am free to go and do whatever I wish.
I wished to just lying lazy anywhere, gazing in nothing, emptying my mind from everything.
I want to do something special. only i don't know what!!!!!
spend the day at the spa.
good idea.
go for a short trip.
sounds fun.
meet with friends over lunch somewhere luxury.
let me think about it.
go get yourself an extraordinary outfit. hasen't Kareem promised to take care of the expenses :))
not in the mood of shopping.
go for a long drive into the desert road, enjoy the empty space and fresh, sandy wind.
hmmm, not bad.

I can't make up my mind for any of these treats. maybe I need someone to take the decision for me.shall i call Kareem? of course not. he won't stop teasing me about it!!!!! that wonderful idea. thought about it for couple of minutes and made up my mind.

couple of hours later I was driving into the house entrance, wearing my hair in different coulor and a new haircut. I love the way i look like. somehow i needed the change.
Now, how would they react?

I pushed the door bell, not using my keys, to complete the surprise :)

Adham came running as usual screaming "who is it?" not waiting for a reply rather opening the door immediately :)))
"Mommy" he screamd and throw his arms around my neck. i held him kissing his rosy cheeks.
Kareem and Mariam appeared coming from the kitchen direction, rather not believing what they heard.

"you are early back" said Kareem before noticing my hair. then "wow" escaped his lips followed by a kiss on my cheeks." or you'd change and go out again?"

"No, I am staying. we are baking a family size pizza and watch Dumbo afterwards"
Heeee, poured Adham.Mommy, I will chop tomato and pepper.ok?
"sweetheart, you do me a big big favour and prepare the Dumbo-tape into the DVD. this is very important to me." he was proud of his important role,knowing how much i adore that movie.

Kareem and Mariam followed me to the kitchen. we worked on the pizza for an hour or so, then both of them offered to clean the kitchen.
Adham came running" Mommy, everything is ready. what else?"
"oh, the most important task ever.please taste a bite for me and tell me how it is"
he took a bite, filling his mouth, chewing it slowly "lovely mom. can I have a big slice?"

Everyone got his plate, we sat down in the living room.Adham put the tape into move, smiling at me.
After the movie the kids started their 'going into bed" rituals, then slept.

While I was combing my hair, Kareem asked me "why did you come home so quick? shouldn't you spend the day relaxing?"

I looked up at him, smiling and said what i exactely felt:
"you and the kids are what I really want in this life.when I thought about having fun, the 3 of you popped up in my head, and I smiled finding the answer"

"you know what" he whispered, "I love you so much" and held me very tight.
I closed my eyes, smileing and enjoying the warmth.

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