Thursday, January 6, 2011

beautiful dream

Last night i had a dream of you. it's been quite some time since i had you in my dreams.
it was a beautiful one. just like all other dreams. just like you.
You were there, talking to me, we were laughing and singing and walking together.
your eyes are still the same as i remember them, shining with enthusiasm, smiling at me, clear, brown, transparent-showing me your soul. i still remeber your laughter when i first told you how i see your eyes. you laughed loud and kept teasing me till i got mad at you.
you were there.everything i remember of you. your hands, watch, clothes, fragrance, your "self", the way "you" are. everything about you is just the very same.
you were real. you were talking to me. i still hear your voice.still hear the words you were saying.
in my dream you were exactely how i remember you. your soul.
you were that tender, warm and caring person ou used to be with me. that never changes.
i never understood how others could accuse you of being heartless.
you were that little boy i always saw popping out of your eyes, teasing me in the most childish yet funny way i could ever see.
in my dream you were my shield, just like old days.i never knew any fear when you were at my only fear was not loving you enough.
the memory of you is still so vivid. are you really gone?
when i woke up this morning, i could feel your breaths around me.

I stopped counting time, since we last talked. I don't know anymore how long you have been gone. and i don't care about time passing anyway.

I know you didn't forget me, because i never did. i never questioned your feelings as much as you trusted mine. we didnt really talk but both of us knew exactely what we mean to words needed.
I know you still listen to that song.just like I do.
and I know you still wear blue. just like I do.
and i know you still work hard and long until you drop asleep anywhere, just like you know i never complained from you being busy.
i know how important your business is to you, just like you know how proud i am of you.

I know you will never read those words. I never told you about this blog.
I know that if you got to read my words one day, you will know that it is you.

I am waiting for you in the next dream.just don't stay away very long.


  1. I love this, it warms me. So sweet.

  2. glad it was a beautiful dream... it touched my heart somehow.

  3. Barry, it warmed me too.
    was a beautiful dream, brining back so many memories and lighting my days :)

  4. Zou, it touched me too.i keep remembering it for days brought back sooo many memories and it warmed my heart

  5. Allaho mag3alo kheir :D

    as a punctual person, I love this part "...your hands, watch".

    Welcome Back, Hebba. We missed your posts.

  6. thank you dear.that is kind of you to say.:)
    well, i loved everything there was, not only the watch. and punctuality wasn't really the favourite trait. he was always late and always running :)