Saturday, February 20, 2010

Secret Friday

Neisy's new post over her blog is a very unique one. i liked the idea when she told me about it and found it unique.
write whatever is in your heart, publish it with no name. keep your identity, picutre, name, whatever
share with us your feelings. TRUE feelings. no lies, hiding, games, pretending. only true feelings.
i think this will be the best thing you do to yourself, show your deep feelings. share them with strangers, you never met- yet brothers/sisters in humanity.
we are all humans and our feelings are as unique and individual as we are.
as many of us tend to show the positive or bright or shining side to others who know them, maybe crossing their ways or even family - most of us tend to hide their weaknesses, wishes, dreams, hopes for not to be judged or not to be embaressed.
this is a good chance to get it out. your wish, dream, scream, hope, cry, happiness, secret- whatever.

please share with us your feelings, enrich our lives, minds and souls wiht the true you, teach us new side of human nature.
sad or strong or happy or wild or kind or crazy or weak or anything.
just share, as long as it is YOU.

When Chocolate Melts and Coffee Burns..: Secret Friday

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  1. Hebba, Neisy decided to do Secret Fridays after reading my blog. (She's a beautiful person to talk with). I'm glad she did this, it's an idea that I hope more people use.