Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Dance under the rain

As a young girl i always loved walking under the rain. feel its drops on my face and hair, enjoy the smell of rain in the air, enjoy the atmosphere and lauhgter i was never able to explain. i always laughed when i could walk under the rain. real laughter that reached my heart and showed in my eyes.

when i grow up i often didnt get the chance to walk under the rain and laugh as i used to.
but i have learned a new habit: i learned to dance under the rain :)

dancing under the rain. i could never put it this way, if i havent watched the below movie/slides. its a beautiful description for soemthing that might appear tough, not-so-funny or even sad: coping with life experience.
I have learned to walk through life's challanges and out of them with a new experience.
I have learned to deal with other's behaviour, but picked up only what suits me and made it mine.
I have learned to feel grateful when others hurt me, because I still hate to hurt someone.
I have learned to cry when I am sad, because I am human.
I have leanred to look up at the sky, dream of the moon and reach out to my dreams. for i deserve the moon.
I have learned to share my smiles with my friends, i love it when they smile wiht me.
I have learned to share my friends' tears, because when i care its never a burden- their tears became lighter :)
I have learned that rain is not sky's tears, its a beautiful start of a rainbow

I have learned to dance under the rain. and it is a beautiful feeling.


  1. and you are a beautiful girl :)

    i love the rain too but still walk in the rain and laugh no matter what :)
    we mama lessa betza3a2ly brdo :D:D

  2. Sarah: all mothers do that :D, and we all love to do what you do.

    Hebba: i loved the lessons you learned, we might learn from you.

  3. Zou, if you can only learn to dance under the rain, then u have got it all :)

  4. yes ya sarah, all mothers does it too if i go to the balcony and try to cathch some rain drops.
    but i still love it, and hope that one day i will be able to laugh under the rain again :)
    glad u liked the post and begad thank you for the kind words

  5. loved it :) and I'm too love rain and its smell is my favorite smell ever, w btw mama msh btz3a2li :P.
    We walked and danced 3o2bal l kiss in the rain :P