Wednesday, March 10, 2010

choice is yours.....

You can choose to be kind and you can choose to be hard.

being hard will give you strength and power, especially over those who are "below" you. they will make sure never to cross any of your limits or ever make you angry.
you will always have your car clean, your desk done first thing in the morning, none daring to face you.
a good choice to be, if you are a manager and need to control your subordinates.
a perfect choice for wife and kids- to keep control over your home.
also a good choice to be the most respected person among your colleagues, friends, and neighbours.
being hard with those arround you gives you the prestige you long for.
a hard word sent to someone in the morning gives you the pleasure of being the controlling have just ruined someone's day.
a hard answer to someone's request will ensure you will never be bothered again with such "small things" and enables you to focus on the "big picture".
a frawn will put everyone in place, they must understand how important you are.
smiling to someone is a favour on special occasions. everyone has to know that your smiles are valuable gifts.
being hard with someone who approaches you is a good way to teach them never to approach you deffinetely dont need the distraction.
being hard with someone who reaches out for you gives a clear message: how dare you dream to enter my palace?

there is nothing wrong with this choice....
only, there is no love coming your way.


  1. Hebbaaaa :)
    welcome back >:D<

    those kind of people can only love themselves .. and any respect coming out of fear is never that honorable to one

    and sadly there are many of them out there !!

  2. One word to describe those people, sadistic persons. and i hate to admit that, but i share some of those qualities :(

  3. Sarah, yes such people are mostely selfish. and its not real respect, you know. its more fear. and they are increasing lel asaf. i dont know why.
    thank you, dear. its good to be back :)

  4. zou, they are not sadistic. selfish, self centered maybe.but sadistics, i dont know.

    as for you, i doubt u share some of these actions. this is too much to imagine in you. :)

    but for anyone to have such qualities is bad enough. u know there is no REAL reason for being hard on someone, hurting someone or truning his life into misery. none deserves to be treated like this. not even for a mistake he did.

    when i remember how painful that was, i cant help but wondering how can they sleep at night, knowing they just caused pain to a human being.

  5. thanks for thinking highly of me. But it's true sometimes when i'm hurt badly the bad side of me appears.

  6. Houbbiii, welcome back sweetie :)

    Hi, Sara & Ze2red :)

    just checked that by coincidence. I liked it and I liked the label's name "Human Being"

    Well, hebba, they may pretend to be running after money, power, or prestige as you said. but none of that matters. whatever they achieves will be incomplete if they fail to find the real love in others' eyes...

    I agree with the only one message part, its like "hit the road jack, and don't you come back no more"

    7amdellah 3ala salamttek ❤

  7. Hebba, I'm a manager and I always treat my staff with love and respect. You can intimidate people and make them fear you but you can't make them love and respect you. Only love creates love.

    I try to treat everyone this way no matter who they are or where I am.

  8. Barry, dont you want to adopt me???
    joking :)
    i am happy to hear this from someone who practices my theory and finds it relieving.
    i used to treat "small" employees this way and it was alyaws satisfactory for me.
    yet i met lately people who are tough just to prove they are strong and powerfull. it annoyes me, and made me question their motives. especially that the other party arent bad or deserve any disrespect.
    actually i was the object of one of those actions. and it hurt badly.
    remember your own words at your blog
    never de-value someone?
    it touched that nerve in me, that's why i asked you if you were real :))))))))))
    i almost lost confidence and hope in everything