Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Halim, a tender dream

An old dream was to attend one of his conerts, talk to him in person and tell him how much i love him. when he died, i never understood that this dream would never come true, that he is gone forever. i kept the dream while growing up, until i understood that where he went i can not reach him for the time being. i still remember that sadness, which i felt filling my heart. one of my sincerest dreams would never come true.

For me Halim is not just a singer. He is someone, who has touched my heart when i was only 3 years old. my nanny used to tell me how i went very quiet, when I heared him singing. I simply stop crying or talking and listen carefully to that voice. When i was a good girl, mom would let me listen to his song at 7 p.m. in Om Kolthoum radio station.
A simple and tender warmth,touching the deepest of my heart at this young age-was never forgotten.

When I grow up, at 1st year of collage, I went visiting his house.
simply knocked at the door, and a lady opened. his cousin.I had no hope she would let me in. but she did. kindly accompanied me to his part of the appartment. I promised not to touch anything. i would just smell the odeur in. and I kept my promise. I didnt dare. everything had his smell. I dont know how i knew its his smell. but i did. I could hear his voice and see him moving arround. I remembered all pictures of him in his house, and I could trace his moves everywhere.
I didnt dare to enter his bedroom. I refused to have it open, even to take a look. I feared not finding him there. Still remember this visit, still gaze up at the house when i pass by it. still remember him.

i could never answer the question of what exactely attracted me to him. and i still cant. not his voice or fame as singer. not his lovely songs and warm feelings and passion that is shouting out of them.
i adore all what "he said". love songs, patriatic songs, prayers, his interviews, his movies, his radio serie.
Why I love him, I stopped asking this question. I simply love him. bas keda.

Halim, ya a3az el nas, you are always in my prayers.not as my beloved singer, but as a simple person who has given -and still gives- me warmth and pleasure just by hearing your voice.

May Allah rest your soul in Jannah, for you have given so much to everyone arround you.

Hebba- a girl you never met


  1. Never had I met or ran into such an amazing fan...

  2. Charismatic and intelligent man - I admit that he had a special charm but this doesnt mean that you are not a bit crazy bardo :)

    Actually I never thought that you hold him this amount of love!


  3. Neisy
    he deserves it habibty. for he gave love, and is entitled to receive love and honour.
    shoufy, 33 years after hsi death and someone still prays for him- this is what he deserve.
    he is not a singer and i am not just a fan :)

  4. Rouni, its not the charm its the honesty in all he said and sang that kept him alive till now.
    didnt you know i am crazy? still? :)))))
    Halim is part of me, that you have to dig out