Thursday, March 18, 2010

Benefits of having a dog and Benefits of being a bird

1. Benefits of having a dog:
- loveable: it loves you back, even more than you love it. it shows this love by act, NOT by words.
- hugable: hugging a dog makes you feel soooo warm from inside. you feel its hugging back when it throws its front legs somehow arround u and keeps its head at ur shoulder. you cant help but not keeping this hug forever.
- trustworthy: it never gives away your secret. never tells what you told it at your weak moments.
- honest: if it doesnt like someone, it barks right at their faces, loud and open. even if it is your best friend :)
- warm: a dog holds tons of warmth in it's heart. you feel it instantly when it "smiles" at you with those lovely big eyes. you feel an inner joy, because this warmth is true and meant only for you.
- sharing: a dog knows by instinct or feeling when you are down and it sticks to your side no matters how hard you try to push it away. it doesnt scream at your face, it doesnt blame you, it doesnt hurt you by leaving. it simply crawls down at your feet, sticking to you as glued, never leaving your side until you feel better. and actually you feel better because of this very special creature :)
- protective: a dog protects you by simply barking in faces of those who upset you. it feels right away that you need help and jumps to your protection. it doesnt hesitate or fear getting hurt. it simply protects someone it loves.
- the love and care of a dog is for as long as you both shall live. it doesnt change, it doesnt disappear, it doesnt go away if you loose your wealth, health, power or position. it is ture everlasting love.straight from the heart.
- a dog will jump to your help when you are sinking. at the moment when everyone else would leave, you would feel lonely and scared- it will be there smiling at you and telling you : i believe in you and i am staying.
- going for a walk with a dog is something really cheerfull. you'd talk the whole time wihtout getting breathless, getting all what bothers you off your chest and start breathing in a better way on your way home.
- a dog is a cheerful companion. it would play with you, listen to your singing and barking accordingly, it will get the ball and run with you along the beach. it appreciates your laughter :)))))

2. Benefits of being a bird:
- you are free
- you can reach the stars and the moon. not in dreams, but you can really touch them
- you have a short, fruitful life.
- the whole world is your home, there is no nationality needed.
- you can build your house anywhere, no papers needed.
- you dont have to work hard to live. your needs are as simple as you are. and you are happy wth the very little you earn.
- you are happy because of the uncomplicated life style you have.
- you dont need anyone's approval on your life style. its your nature and you are just being yourself.
- your kind heart doesnt know hate.
- you have a beautiful voice to sing with and give pleasure to the world.
- you have a very friendly nature, all given from Allah. that's why everyone loves you.
- your little heart is filled with nohting but good stuff: love, happiness, care
- your feelings are ture. if you need to scream you do, if you sing its a cheerfull song, if you fly its a freedom none enjoys but you.
- you never hurt anyone, most of the times it is you who are badly hurt from those selfish creatures arround you.

Don't think i have gone crazy because of this post. it is just i am stating my 2 sincerest wishes, which i know will never come true, and it really breaks my heart to know it:
wish to have a dog- big black german shephered.
wish to be a bird.


  1. Bebaa
    Amazing Post baby.Begad kol haga 2olteha gamela awi.I love this post so much.I even have it bookmarked on my fone.This is the first time I felt like reading it again from my laptop,so I finally got to comment on it.
    Every thing you said is so true on so many levels.I want to be a bird too.You convinced me

  2. i am glad you liked it.
    being a bird is a dream.
    and having a dog is a dream bardo.
    dogs are wonderful friends. so warm and caring :(((((((