Monday, February 8, 2010

A rose for you ......

A rose for me is a very special creature.

Simply beautiful, kind, tender, with a lovely smell. a never ending source of happiness.

whenever i look at a rose, i feel happy and just can't look away.

a very special warmth touches my heart when i touch its tender, delicate texture.

Since I wish to receive a rose myself, and since I know that I will not receive it, I decided to give it to you, my dear friends :)

A rose to brighten your day, give you some happiness and odeur to fill your day.

May this rose be a beautiful start of your day, if you read this post at the morning- or give you a smile at the end of a hard working day.


  1. This is definitely a good start for my day. Thank you soooo much, you have no idea how much i love roses.

  2. What!!! 3aaah :'''( Houba, didnt you ever recieve a beautiful flower from a beautiful friend. tab check tani keda ;)

    saba7ek fol ya set el kol :) bisouuus

  3. Beba....Much love right back at you :)
    You know I got you whenever and whatever
    Please take good care of yourself
    You make me smile

  4. remember ba2a to check the blog every few days.
    or do i have to send email when i want to give u a gift???
    mesh moken keda ya3ni.

  5. thx ya banat.i am glad u all liked it and it gave u some happiness

    no ya rouni. i never received one. but dont worry, i buy it myself. kind of coping :)))))

    neisy, how was the exam?

  6. i get instant notifications on reader hun. So don't worry i'm always up-to-date.

  7. sooooooooo nice ya Hebba ...
    thx my cute friend ..
    Luv ya :))