Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I haven't met her in person, but scheduled ISA within this week, after the official celebration of her birthday.

Zou, my new friend, who has kindly accepted me as a friend and made me feel comfortable and welcome in her world.

when i approached her to be my friend, i was afraid she'd think i am crazy and make fun of me- not in public of course. but i was still somehow afraid of being rejected.

surprisingly, she accepted me in a very smooth and kind way. no big words said, she just welcomed me and said she could - of ocurse- use a new friend, espeically that she already had a hint about me from my comments on a common blog.

it was over SMS, but i felt like hugging that silently kind girl for her very special way of accepting me in her world.

We have some common strange doings (checking email from mobile early morning, then cant sleep afterwards because of whatever news the email brings or doesnt bring!!!!).
i find it funny.

then she suggested me having my own blog, and me refusing. of course not. i have nothing to say to the world. and who would be interested aslan in my personal blog.
i just enjoyed her blog and commented there almost everyday on whatever funny, serious or strange psots. i love the songs she put, and discovered a common passion for " You've got mail".
another strange passion :)
but she was persistant on the idea of my own blog.

When i launched it, i was surprisingly happy but extremely shy. and she understood exactely why :)

Zou, kol sana wenty tayebah ya habibty. may this starting year of your life bring you health, success, satisfaction and happiness on all fields of you life.

may this year gets us closer as friends and sisters. may this year of your life gets you closer to Allah and you be blessed with all that makes you happiest.

I am happy and honoured to have a dear friend and little sis like you, and begad wallahi u cant imagine how much i appreciate having you :))))
enjoy your day, sweetie, enjoy your year and life, every second of it and keep the silently kind gestures you do, going gives you a very special charm :)

i am excited about our outing, wherever you choose to go.

your big sis and new friend


  1. kol sana wenty tayebah, my dear new friend and little sis :)))
    just 3 minutes remaining for a new year to begin

  2. Wow, this brought tears to my eyes, joy tears of-course.

    Speechless... speechless... speechless...

    next week's college schedule will be planned over the weekend so i'll be giving you a call to plan our outing.

    Love you big sis "kisssssseeessssssss keteeeeeeeeer"

  3. no more tears, dear.
    only smiles ISA.
    enjoy ur day. its the begin of a new blessed and healthy year ISA.
    big tight hug :)

  4. OHHHHHHHH you guys are so cute :*, zeee Happy B-day ya amar, may this year be the best and all the years to come inshalah :)

    Ps. I like your photo mash2alah :)

  5. that was sweet, on so many levels! :)

    Happy Birthday, Ze2red :)

  6. wallahi ya ibraheem kollak zou2.
    i know u'd never miss it for zou's sake.
    even after your flu :))))
    the comments on facebook are to7fah ya ibraheem :)))))))))))

  7. Hebba you removed your security check!!!
    I have awesome friends!;)

  8. Awww..Im not usually the type of a person that goes like Oh my god thats the sweetest thing I've ever seen..but OH MY GOD that IS the SWEETEST thing I've ever seen.
    Kol sana w enty tayeba ya Zou...and Hebba you're to good to be true baby.
    @Ze2red @Hebba @Ibhod @Deppy
    Im so luck I met you guys this soon.Really glad I have you all as friends.

  9. its Ibhog* (Innocent mistake wallahi:$)
    Wow..and now have one more blog to abuse with comments!

  10. thanks guys, I'm truly touched :)

  11. @ Neisy, yessss i removed the security check. asl i found the button to remove it. i didnt know it till 2 days ago :)))
    ma3lesh, i am still exploring.

  12. and begad, begad, i am happy to have u all.
    happy this post has made sara happy.
    wallahi this is all i wanted.
    just for her to smile and feel how grateful i am :)

  13. @ all
    thank you for the kind comments.
    @ neisy: its not that i am an extra good person wala hagah.
    if u read the about the blog section u will find it there.
    the reason behind this blog and my actions.
    i have been granted an unforgetable gift from allah. someone who was there for me when i needed it. and all he asked me in return is to keep the chain of kind actions going on.
    this is what i am doing. i am giving back what i received, and try to be kind.
    if you want to join, ya reit. i wish that we could face AND beat the evil and carelessness of others arround us by spreading kind actions.
    i am tired of the world i am living in, you all have noticed how hurt i am, and this is the only thing i have in my hand to make things little better.
    i dont know if i can go on, for how long or how. but i can only try, for this was my promise :))))

  14. what is ur account there?
    i just sent u an email, u can reply to it instead of writing it here if u wish

  15. Facebook?!
    How come no one added me on facebook?!=[
    Neisy sad!=[

  16. which email did you use?!
    I got nothing :(

  17. the one u have here in ur profile as ur email

  18. @Beba
    Lets work together on something..a project
    eh ra2yek? :)

  19. ohh that email
    okay ill check it now
    wow..didnt now i had that..its my personal one.LOL
    eb3teli 3aleh enty..bas 5aleni to update it in my profile :)

  20. fine.
    send me an email, seems the one i have is wrong

  21. Nothing new. That is you Hebba; amazing person! arent you?! begad that was touching and very kind :)

    Rabena yes3edek zay mabetes3edy 3'erek!

    Happy Birthday Zou :)

  22. rouni, akhiran u decided to check in here :)))
    i am happy u did on this nice occasion.
    hang on here, u wont regret ur time u spend here. at least u will find some kindness.
    i might surprise u in the way, but it will always be there.

    thank you for your prayers. u know how much i need them
    we ya rab yes3edna we yekremna
    gami3an :))

  23. Guys i'll know you will be killing me, but i had a hunch i had to re-read this again today and i figured that i wasn't subsribed to them comments follow up, so it's too late but i want to say thankssss from the bottom of my heart.

    @ deppy: thanks sweety :$, i still remember the day it was taken on, it holds nice memories. hebba got the pic from my FB profile album :)

    btw, i like you calling me Zee :)

    @ ibhog: i'm so touched, happy birthday wishes everywhere. Ze2red is so lucky, yay!

    @ Neisy: I love you :*

    @ Rawani: thanks my newest friend :)

    @ Hebba: i'm so happy about this post, and i'll always be. I even gave it a star on my reader. No one has ever spoiled me with words in public like this :$, ya kharshy 3alaya ya khwaty :D

    Beba, ba7ebek awy "kisses"

  24. you bet i will kill u, but in a very special way.
    wait bas until we meet thursday ISA.
    you should keep checking here. you will always find something nice.
    remember this is the promise i did?

    i am glad u liked it, and it gave u some happiness. begad, its a pleasure in its own.

    zou, ya3ni eih star on ur blog?
    remember i am still learning ? :)))

  25. did you create your reader account wala lesa?

  26. i just checked this again. And i just want to say i miss you all AWYYYY, and if i can i would give you a big tight hug now.

    Guys you are amazing and i love you ;)

  27. I just re-read this again(Thanks for me being notified with following comments(bare in mind I never used to receive those emails men el awel))
    I miss you to Zou :)
    But Don't forget our plans for today.I'm waiting for beba and maro too <3

  28. whooooooo.... Neisy is now notified.

    I love you to babe.

  29. i needed some break, and some nice feelings so i read this again along with all the comments. Spirit boost! How much self centered am i?

    I miss you all guys, i feel like i'm not around as much and the same for you. Hope everybody is fine.