Monday, February 1, 2010

A dream

Waking up, she remembered this will be a long day. busy, full of things to do, but there will be loads of fun kaman.
kissed her husband good morning, pulling the curtains aside - sunshine filled the room. good the kids will have fun today :)

Smilingly she went to the kids room, shook her 5 years old son Adham to wake him up, gave him a kiss and hugged him back. Went to Laila's bed, the 3 years old girl stirred, smiled and drifted back to sleep. tayeb, i will come later to get her.

Her husband sat sipping his coffee, when Adham came in, looked at her with his huge eyes: Mummy, Laila doesnt want to wake up.
That's ok, love. i will go get her. he smiled back thinking, good then i will not be the only one to wake up so early.
she loved his smile. got it from his father. he is a small profile of her husband.
how much she loved both of them :)

coming back with Laila, her husband was about to leave. he gave them a hug altogether and left.

Today the boys and girls from the orphanage will spend the day at her home. she has prepared the garden and the pool for them to use.
Most of them were of Adham's age, he knows almost everyone, and would enjoy having them around. so everyone will have fun today :)

the bus arrived, kids jumped out smiling excitedly about their day out. their eyes were filled with laughter, all talking to her at the same time - and surprisingly she got it all :))
they started moving and playing. some went to the pool with their teachers and just jumped in there. Adham followed them of course, while Laila was slowly walking in the garden, excited about having so many kids around her and exploring what there was all to see.
Good, everything is settled then. she joined the kids at the pool. she jumped in, holding Laila in her arms. Adham located them immediately and joined. he jumed in, knowing that Mummy will catch him for sure. he hugged her and smiled back when she got him.

Kids, lunch is ready.
they hurried to her, sat down where she placed the table. ate, talked, laughed all at same time.
Adham and Laila were having great time too.
Elhamdollah. Ya rab, give me the strength to make those kids happy, including mine too.

all settled in their dry cloths, they sat waiting for her to join and start telling them a story - as she always does when she visited at the orphanage. this is the part they loved at most. for she always had nice stories to tell. her stories took them to a different world.
Cindrella was her favourite. a story promising happiness to a poor girl.

Time flew so quick, they have to leave now to be home at bed time. they hugged, kissed and thanked her for the sweets, swim, story, food and fun and promised to be good to their teachers.

As she and Adham waved them goodbye, she felt a deep satisfaction and happiness. she was happy to have hosted the kids today at her home, happy that Adham had a nice time, shared with the kids his playstation and toys.

she was grateful for being there for her children, grateful for her husband to have agreed hosting the kids at their home once per month, happy her kids have enjoyed SHARING of their home with others. :)

Later on she showed her husband the pictures, Adham told him great stories, Laila couldnt stop chatting and telling him in her own language about her new friends.

A lovely day has just ended, full of laughter, sunshine, giving and receiving of love.

Satisfied she went to bed. exhausted from the day's event, but grateful for having all those gifts from Allah.


  1. Ahh finally I can comment
    First of all the fact that the dream was to see a smile on others face really got into me.What a perfect lil family right there.What a great women she is.Being able to teach those kids of her the value of giving and sharing and being equal is just priceless.I wish that one day if i even have a family of my own hopefully, that it shall remain as amazing and as simple as the one mentioned above.This is definetly a perfect dream.One that lacks cruelty and selfishness.One so good it makes people sleep happy. :)

  2. LOL @ your trail
    It finally worked!

  3. that was my dream ya neisy
    one i know would not come true.
    i was saying goodbye to it, by putting it here.
    glad u liked it.

  4. I like and I love.

    and who knows, mesh yemken in one way or another it may come true??

  5. no ya zou. i wrote it here because i am saying good bye to it too.
    it has to die wiht my heart.

    this blog truns to be a way to get it out of me.
    i loved it too, and worked hard to make it true, but its all in allah's hand and there is nothing to be done about it. khalas ba2a.
    thx for sharing girls :)