Sunday, February 14, 2010


This post has nothing to do with valentine's day,it just appears on this date.
For some singles this day is a sad,frustrating day, for some married people this day became meaningless,
for those in relation its a stupid day with 'gharamah'
Forget ba2a about Valentine and smile. just smile to yourself.maybe there is nothing to smile about, still, treat yourself to a smile.a kind, bright and loving smile- directed to yourself first, then to the rest of the world. It does magic to your soul.
you might be hopelessly in love,at least you have a heart that is able to love,while someone else has lost this ability.
Or you are jobless, yet in good health. Whatever you have,whoever you are,wherever you are- give yourself that very special gift: a cheerful,kind and bright deserve it.
No pics attched,post is short and unprepared.writing it from mobile on my way sailing from edfo to esna BUT I wanted to share this thought with you and share with you a smile I have for a reason I dont know. Bayeni etganent khalas,el tahyees eshtaghal mesh 3arfah leih.


  1. Bon, voilĂ  mon sourire [smile :)]

    al7amdulellah, I never spent a day without a smile. its an easy and an inexpensive way to change my look :)

    Keep smiling dear,The world always looks brighter from behind a smile.

    enjoy to the max and be safe

    :) xx

  2. I'm smiling just for reading this post. It has some un-defined energy. and i love you, and this has nothing to do with today being valentine's day.

  3. Zou,no energy wala 7agah,but tired of being in pain.zehe2t ba2a.glad u liked it and smiled

  4. rouni, the comment wasnt posted, dont know why.
    but here once more anywya.
    true, the world looks differnt from behind a smile. i hope to get it back one day. the smile i had, coming out of my soul and reaching my mouth, reflecting in my eyes with a shine.
    ma3lesh, lets hope for the best ISA.
    glad you could smile for me :))))))))))))