Thursday, January 21, 2010

to my lady friends

looks like today is the friends day. i have been writing this post for few days now, but didnt finish it. now i am doing it.

to my lady firends, those who have shown extreme courage and were 3x brave: working, single, moms. those who have decided to raise their children on their own, taking up the challange of such a stupid society like ours- to give their children a stable and healthy environment to live in.

i never told you, although i know you all for quiet long now. dont know why i never told you, but today is the time.

i want you to know that i so much appreciate having someone of your brave character and stong, kind persons as my friend. you are exceptionally good. maybe the little champs you raise wouldnt recognize this kind doings from you until they grow up and are moms/dads themselves.

but i see this value and loved sharing it with you.

everytime we talked, you always ended the call saying thank you hebba for listening. i needed to talk.

what i never got the chance to tell you is that i NEEDED to listen. you gave me the chance to share your troubles and listen to whatever you had to say. this is a blessing.

i am honoured to be your friend, the one you trust, call and talk to when u felt lonely and things got tough. as much as i hated seeing you unhappy, as much as i loved you for who you are.

you are very good, brave, kind and honest persons. i couldnever ask for better friends.

ya set Om Gogo: i still remember gogo's 1st birhtday. i was invited but never made it. inshaa Allah i will attend the big celebration of his 21st. and give him that kiss i wished to.

i know he will hate me and turn all red. :)))

ladies, begad, whatever i say is not enough to tell you how much i appreciate having you. how much i love you and how much i am proud to be your friends.

dont you ever thank me at end of any call or outings. its my pleasure.

sorry this thank you came some years delayed. i always had it in my heart, now you know it :)))

love you all.

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  1. This is sweet. I just love it and am happy having you. that is one benefit of the blogs.