Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Onkel Bernd

My first post goes to Herrn Bernhard Paul Schmidt, born on 24th September 1938 in a small town called Oberglogau, Poland.
Living in Hamburg/Germany, father of 3 kids and grandfather of 9 grand children, uncle of thousands of boys and girls, who live around the globe and never forgot him.
His huge blue eyes always shine with a very special kindness touching one’s heart forever.
The kindness of giving to, loving of and caring for any creature, starting from the plants in his house/apartment, family, neighbours, friends, students, tea-man at school, lonely receptionist lady, up to the elegant School Head.
The kind smile in his eyes helps anyone overcome all barriers and you cant help but instantly smile back fully trusting this tall man in front of you.

He taught me that kindness is a very special gift, not everyone has. Whoever has it, should never let it die, should never block it from others, should never hesitate to share with all around him- for a man without giving those kind actions isn’t worth called “human”.

Onkel Bernd,
Thank you for your support getting A remarks in my research in 12S
Thank you for never missing my birthday since we met. It was a very special birthday gift coming from far away.
Thank you for guiding me through the darkest moments of my life.
Thank you for believing in me all those years. If it wasn’t for you, I might not have made it.
Thank you for never ever ignoring any of my letters, putting much effort to get them to post office before it closed at 18.00 o’clock.
Thank you for teaching me the value of sharing, by taking a cube of my chocolate and a bite of my apple, then smilingly saying “it tastes wonderful”.
Thank you for giving me credit, when you proudly said the first Arabic sentence I taught you” ana modares fi madrasah alemany, we atkalem shewayah arabi”.
Thank you for keeping up with my fiery, stormy nature, telling me to keep it, to be who I am, for this is ME.
Thank you for not ignoring my feelings, no matters how stupid, lousy or unpredictable I was.
Thank you for driving me home after each excursion or class party.
Thank you for photocopying the history booklet from Riham el Ezaby, when I lost mine only 3 days before end year’s exam.
Thank you for patiently listening to me when I needed to talk, advising, and soothing my fears.
Thank you for the kind words “och, my girl, I am so proud of who you are” after long years of struggling to overcome many barriers.
Thank you for calling me “ Kaninchen” (rabbit ya3ni we mesh 3ayzah tarya2ah) it always put a wide smile on my face.
Thank you for the kindness you gave since September 1982 till just an hour ago.

Thank you for who I am. Without you, I wouldn’t have ever made it.

I never forgot my promise and I am working hard to keep you proud of your “Kaninchen” .

I will always be grateful for what you gave me.


  1. WoOoW... This is one hell of a starting post.
    It's great, full of feelings... I love your teacher already.

    Many Many conragts on your blog, and bravo for the way you started it ;)

    I'm so happy, thanks for letting me the first to know, and thanks for making my day.

  2. Wow...This is truly amazing.Hebba you had me crying from your first post.This is such a great way of returning the favour to your so great teacher.I love him too @Zouzo .I also want to link this post to some to read if you don't mind ya hebba :)
    Its a great one...keep them coming...Looking forward for more.
    Du habt miene Stutze!;) [Was that correct?=D]

  3. This is beautiful Hebba :)

    Congratulations hun and thank you for letting me know. That is very kind & sweet of you and I am really happy for you coz I know this step will bring you happiness in.sha2.Allah.

    I am very touched and feel like am listening to your heart! Use that experience to listen always to the voice of the heart. Respect it and follow its advice; it knows when to act and when to avoid action.

    P.S. Your teacher seems to be a great man!

    Bonne Chance :)

  4. such a lovely post!

    congratulations, the blogosphere welcomes you with open arms :)

    Keep up! :)

  5. begad ya atfal mesh 3arfa a2oul eih.
    you made me speechless

  6. Zou,its me who should thank you for the push.
    the start HAD to go to him. HE was my real start in this life, and to him i owe so much. begad.
    wish he'd come one day here and you'd meet him all ya banat. you will fell in love for his eyes. betshorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr 7eneyah.
    joking :)

  7. Neisy, please feel free to link whatever ytou wish. now or later on.
    wala yehemek, i would be happy to share with others.
    the aim of this blog is to spread kindness :))

  8. Ibhog, thank you. bas begad, what do you think? i want your professional judgement- as old blogger.
    and as a man bardo

  9. Rouni, this post made me happy, bc as said i wanted him to know it, hear it, read it.
    maybe my biggest problem is that i am following my heart sweetie.

  10. bosso ba2a, i called him, read the words and translated it -his english is horribly bad- and he went speechless for 2 minutes, and when he started talking again, his voice was full of emotions. happiness, proud, surprise. he has no idea about technology nad didnt imagine there is soemthing like that.
    again, he said i am proud of you my Kaninchen (rabbit ya3ni- balash tarya2a)

    at that moment, i felt a great relief and real happiness i did it. i felt true happiness in his voice and gratefulness.
    i always wished to make him happy
    elhamdollah :)

  11. hebba,
    if this is considered a push and i had a hand in it, then i'm so happy i helped, i've been waiting for you for a while, and i'm happy u finally took the step. waiting for more great posts to come.

    w khaly balaek, this is not a male free blog, Ibhog is one of your first and loyal followers 7asby yez3al menek 3ashan ya 7aram mazno2 fe west el banat :D

  12. I knoww..7aram Ibhog..bas see he represents Noha..I bet she'ld love it here...and again I thank ibhog for being my first follower..he was my PUSH if you like to call it...w Zou..I hope ur not mad im commenting...e7na etfa2na no post..but momken comments sa7?(A)
    tc all please!
    Luff ya!

  13. Neisy baby, i'm not, you can take your break and comment wherever you wish bas take care from your studies and projects PLEASE.

  14. It's awesome ya Heba, it touched my heart. I already loved this unique peron, such people don't exist anymore. Mariam

  15. he is adorable ya mariouma.
    and you are right, i dont dare to dream of finding someone like him.
    dont worry sweety, my eyes are open.
    waiting for wessam's comment kaman.