Tuesday, January 26, 2010

avoid temptation or follow your heart?

follow your heart or avoid temptation?

clear steps following a clear path, arriving at the clear end

or follow laughter i hear to get me to the happiness i wish and know it exists.

following the first process will get one to a reasonable and clear destination. it sound cold to my ears. don't know why.

following the second process promises warmth and laughter. needs more effort, includes a high risk factor, destination is not clear.

but at end of the road, there might be a great prize waiting for me to grab: my everlasting happiness.

life or death? coldness or warmth? cool and calculated steps or following the sun rise leading my steps?

tried to die, tried the coldness with some very thick clothes on me, tried the calculated steps and got where i was promised - only to find that in the procedure i have lost myself.

i tried to live, let warmth from inside shining to the outside world. listened to my heart for it was crying to act fast before the icing hand kills it.

i am not sure if i will survive the coming weeks, but i am happy that i have put all effort i could afford. i have tried to break a thick stone hard wall using all resources i had.

the wall was shaking, but i am not sure it will fall and i will be able to walk in the palace.

ya rab, i have done all i can. if its not meant to be- ana radiah :)


  1. you will survive Hebba .. you know why? because that's what the earth has been doing since creation, in spite of its insignificance in this colossal universe, it survived.

    God wished for it to do so ... the sun always rises .. all takes course and passes .. and the only thing to do, well, you've done already.

    to be satisfied with it :)

    rabena m3aky :)

  2. thank you ya ibraheem.
    yes, i did all i can and failed.
    khalas. qaddar allahu wa mashaa fa3al.