Monday, January 18, 2010

An angel just left the earth

I just heard the news today, Karim has died at dawn of 3rd day Eid Al Aldha.
i never met him, although i know him for years now, through a common friend.
he was a lovely teenager. such a wonderful spirit, loves life, enjoyes everything new, enjoyes being updated in as many fields as possible.
i kept remembering him today, how happy he was when he got his first play station, hsi new mp3, how he kept loosing his mobile set and feared telling, how he enjoyed the new clothes and the perfumes.
he loved everything about this life, even his mother who dumped him to live at an orphanage, who visited only to take whatever money he had.
he loved our common friend and enjoyed teasing him, he loved music and quran and lectures he heared.
karim was completely dependant on his electric wheelchair. only his fingers were moving, but he was the most brave and life accepting soul i have ever met.
he never complained about being hurt, his things stolen, his food stolen. i still remember how my friend was telling me about his funny, accepting spirit.

many times i wished to visit, but didnt have the courage to go. somehow i felt karim was my own child, and i could never handle the pain of seeing him like that. i didnt want him to see my tears or my weakness, for he was much stronger and braver than me.
few times i talked to him over phone, hiding behind the phone was easy for me to let my tears flow. a sick child is always my weakpoint. i cant cope with that. i always feared having a sick child.
Karim, I am sorry for never coming to visit. i couldnt cope with your brave spirit. i couldnt face you.
i never meant to ignore you, or treat you as just a "case"- for you were never a normal "case"for me.
i am proud to have known someone like you. brave and life accepting.

my dear child, you have left this world at a very critical time for me. i so much needed your prayers.

ya rab, i so much loved him, but i was too weak to show him this love in a proper way.
ya rab, you have just taken this angel to your heavan, please grant me with another one.

To my friend karim M
thank you for accepting my weakness and taking over my part. i could never pay you back this favour. both of us loved karim as if he was our own child, but you- my friend- have taken over the whole responsibility.
thank you for understanding that i couldnt face him, thank you for understanding how weak my heart was and never pushing me to go visit.
tahnk you for your kindness towards both of us.


  1. ربنا يجازيك كل خير يا هبه على كلماتك الرائعة
    وعلى كل اللي عملتيه مع كريم في حياته وكمان بعد مماته
    ولقد نقلتها لموقعي
    كريم منير