Thursday, January 21, 2010


yes, its a bright wide smile.
my friend has just recovered from a very painful and struggeling phase.
i was scared about her. she was transformed to a completely different person than who she is. today she has found herself back.
today she had a long, sad path behind her and had regained her spirit i adored about her. it was hidden under tons of stress and sadness. and what really hurt me, was that i was helpless. there was nothing i could do to help her out. i tried reaching out to her, but she didnt even see my hand.
i am happy i have her back. the battle might not came to an end yet, but today she has "seen" me next to her. she knows now that i am there.

dearest of all, i am happy you found your soul. i am there and will be till you "kick me out" if you wish to. but not before i see you happy and smiling again.
this is my promise to you.


  1. these are the best words I read today ... how lucky she is

  2. sorry, i didnt see your comment till today. horribly sorry wallahi.
    thx for stopping by.
    yes, i hope things will settle down for her. and she deserves all the best :)
    why dont u check rest of the posts and tell me what you think of it?
    i just started :))