Sunday, February 13, 2011

Nights in Rodanthe

"She believed that romance and passion were possible at any age, but she'd listened to enough of her friends to know that many relationships ended upbeing more trouble than they were worth.
Adrienne didn't want to settle for a husband like the ones her friends had".

"my dad came to save me......
when things are hard, as they are for me, fall back on the knowledge that not only would he have done the same thing for you that he did for me, but because of you, I was given the chance to get to know and love my dad."

Reading this novel for Nicholas Sparks, i came across a very rare type of love: a love that was born, developed and lasted a lifelong within few days.
A love going so deep into a soul of two persons, changing them, changing the view they saw their lives in, changing their feelings towards their future, keeping them to go on through tough time and for many years after.

it touched me, despite its sad end, in a way I felt this story must be true, none could make such a story. it seemed soo alive and real to me.
I always hoped to find such a love, and wondered if it is better to live a normal life, with no complications in my important areas - or I would appreciate finding a soul-deep love, lasting for some time and cause me a lifelong yearning and a satisfaction as well.
I found myself going for the second option. I am willing to accept a love that would touch my soul, even if it is not meant to be for a life rather than living a complication-less, normal life.
As hard as this choice seems to me, as satisfactory it is for the kind of person I am.
I might not meet this very special someone, however I would still stick to my choice :)


  1. looks like someone enjoyed reading the novel ;)

    i watched the movie, didn't read it.

    put on ur list "The last song" the movie is just great, i bet the book will be as well.

  2. glad you liked the movie. i am downloading it now.
    the book is so nice, especially when you read it in such circumstances like past weeks.
    it is a good "runaway" of the fear. :)